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     As you might know, this website and forum was started in February of 2003 as an enthusiast website to share knowledge about our "favorite" weapon Saiga-12 and the other Saiga line weapons as well as their modifications. In the past 6 years this forum has grown tremendously!

     Just in January of 2012 we had over 211,000 visits from over 108,000 of unique visitors from all SIX inhabited continents of the planet, with those visitors coming from 142 countries/territories! With the growing amount of pictures on the forum the amount of CRN bandwidth is averaging about 100GB monthly. We also have over 32,000 registered users at this time. The yearly statistics for 2011 are as follows, from January 1st, 2011 through December 31st, 2011 - over 1,907,000 visits, from 197 countries.....and about 901 GB of bandwidth usage.

     These facts make hosting of the forum relatively expensive. That is why we would like to ask our members and anyone else who wishes to contribute to donate a few dollars to the cause. The donated funds have been, and will continue to be used to keep the forum going, make improvements and updates to the latest software versions available. If you would like to make a contribution please click on the button with the amount you wish to donate. The donations are purely optional - you do NOT have to donate anything to be a member of the forum - AS ALWAYS - IT IS FREE FOR ALL. All of the donations are very much appreciated.

     We have tried to give what we can to our various contributors. Below, we have listed what you get for any donation, whether it be a onetime gift of $5, or a continuing gift of greater amounts. Our Business member accounts cost $100 PER MONTH. See below for a basic run-down of what those accounts consist of.

     As a contributor, your PM box will be upgraded from 50 messages, as per regular members, to 1000 messages for contributors. Contributors also have access to START NEW topics in the FOR SALE section of the "For sale or trade" forums. AS a courtesy, the forum staff also gives Contributors a bit more leeway when problems arise, as well as our long time regular members.

     As a Business member, your PM box is increased to 10,000 messages; you get a 234x60 pixel CLICKABLE AD in the top section of our forum pages, as well as a link and ad on the front of This Ad is randomly and positively evenly cycled with our other Business members ads, meaning the software we use to run the ads knows if yours has not been shown as much as the other ads, and compensates for that so that the display count is even across all of our business members. Further, you get your own section in our "Business members section"� that you will have full moderation control over. For a targeted market like this forum is, and for the amount of traffic we do, $100 a month is a steal!

     Our staff members can generate an Ad for you if you would like for a one-time fee of $100. If you supply your own ad, we ask that it not be a flashing ad, conforms to the basic layout of our forum pages, and is gun or hunting related.

     We ask all vendors to submit the first payment, that will cover the first 3 months of advertising, in the amount of $300, in the form of a postal money order, and all payment there after can be submited via various payment options.




If you would like to make a donation click on Store tab on the forum page.



All major Credit Cards are accepted.


If you would like to use a credit card over the phone rather then using an on-line service you may contact us @ 404-987-0707 between 10AM to 5PM EST


Alternately, If you would like to mail your donation, please make it payable to and send it to:
6899 Peachtree Industrial Blvd, Ste O
Norcross, GA 30092

Please include your forum User ID so we can add you to the list of our contributors.

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