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  2. A friend of mine, Julian. told me his brother, Alonzo White, had his house burn down. They lost everything. Good people. https://whnt.com/news/huntsville/huntsville-fire-and-rescue-called-to-house-fire-on-properzi-way/ alonzo-white-family-house-fire Come on guys. Even a buck will help.
  3. Grind broken pin flat. Use THAT to start the pin (left to right) It is designed like that.
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  5. Just would like to thank Mr Hitch of Evlutionz LLC for getting my saiga12 to a whole other level. Finally had a proper range day with it and ran flawless 110%. Not one fte ftf miss fire anything but brutal fire power. 8” barrel. The man even sacrificed a bolt from his own stock because mine had a fugly bolt which is forever in shame on here. Not my doing. But if you are serious about awesome craftsmanship this is a great man to send your job too. I’m a very happy customer and my Saiga is a family heirloom. I tried to post pics but they kick me back and it says contact us for help? So maybe the pic gurus can chime in and help me out. Thank you Mr. Hitch
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  7. I am not knocking anyone’s choice to not use it, I will just throw the phone in the pond when the spaghetti hits the fan ...problem solved
  8. Need help. My Saiga only has one port hole visible through the plug hole. Bolt does not cycle well, even with TAC 47 plug with screw adjusted all the way in for full gas. Need help: I cannot get the pin below the barrel off. So far broke one punch. Looks like the pin is welded on one side (is that possible?). Suggestions? Do I keep grinding until I see pin. How doI get the pin out...and get another one in? I also noticed that on the Left side of the gas block, there is a huge hole at the tube to gas block that is through and through into the piston chamber -- is that designe to be like that?-- the puck striking the piston head?
  9. Mdarms (Mike Davidson) has a buncha neat stuff Posted on his Facebook. Double stacks before this newer “fill in the md-20 gaps with shells “ drum, ala a rifle snail drum? whats wrong with pic posting around here? I would do screen caps for you non-face(palm)book people if I could get it to work...
  10. Already been done. I have 3. Intrepid ras 12. I need to nut up and have Lee build me a full bore slug mold. As shotguns they kinda worthless. Weird nose cap made reloads impossible
  11. Yep I been pondering this myself. Lots of folks over on the form 1 Suppressor face(palm)book group Ask about making shotgun silencer. My plan is to take a fugly fake aluminum silencer and turn it into a monocore baffle then thread it for external shroud. Maybe “redundant” or silly but these fake silencers with the pokers in the end are so “derp “ I have no other use for it. And I don’t want to reintroduce it into the secondary market On a trade or sale so turning it into something “worthwhile “ is the next best thing. long thought long, discussing back pressure, and the minimal amount reintroduced to system unlike on rifle silencers, how could we increase the back pressure, increase the silencer effectiveness and increase the reliability of the base gun, all at the same time?? Too much you say? I don’t know, all these components are related.. how about chokes stacked on chokes? With gas bleed holes in between them? the only down side I would see with a stacked choke situation is Decrease shot speed?
  12. Yeah, read that as well. Don't know if it is good or not, but two less POS's walking this earth...so that deserves cu-do's.....
  13. Hello, wanted to see if here is anyone online/expert about this technical stuff. So compatibility regarding ak47 parts for saiga12. In example ALG triggers or any other ak47 triggers for that matter, do you usually have to dremel it or something or are those pretty much a drop-in parts? Other is the dust cover, mine in saiga is 237mm long and I bought a FAB Defense pdc dustcover which is 246mm. Also bought a Vltor cmrd ak handguard and a magpul zhukov-s stock. I did apply licenses for 7.62x39 also, so if the parts wont fit at all they will be used later.
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  15. Gotcha! Thanks. Problem is... I have 3 barrels that are totally complete. Barrel nuts, gas blocks, front sights. And triangular handguard brackets. I know i'd have to take them apart to remove the triangular bracket. Guess while it's apart i'd be swapping out the barrel nut as well... So that makes it easier to understand the mounting, knowing they need their own special barrel nut. Thanks!!!
  16. To continue, some mount to the nut with small screws. Others basically screw onto threads on the outside of the barrel nut, then use a small set screw to keep their orientation.
  17. In general, they mount to proprietary barrel nuts that come with them. There are a few standardized patterns of barrel nut mounting system, and wrenches that fit them. So for example, many of the free float forends out there use the YHM style. There are exceptions that mount to the upper receiver, which come with a special upper, or are even integral with the upper. IMO get M loc not keymod. Watch a video of installing a forend, and it will make sense. Also, the quality to price ratio has gone super super low. That means that you could get a $60 UTG pro forend that is IMO a lot nicer than a Knights Armament quad from 2013 or so which cost $450.
  18. So... I'm trying to figure out HOW to attach either keymod, or mlock handguards to an AR... Do they attach to a threaded block mounted to the barrel or what?? I know how free floats attach, and the delta rings... Can't figure out the other two though.. You'd think it would be easy to look up. I think Google is laughing at me...
  19. Wishper... Why the fuck are you commenting on a 10 year old thread???? 😳😳
  20. Current 2020. production Saiga MK 103 / M3EXP-01 for European market. Semiauto only, fires with stock folded, factory screw in type bullet guide and mag catch to except standard AK mags and Saiga mags also. Chrome lined bore and chamber, barrel, gas block and muzzle brake. Only difference from original AK 103 except semiauto fire is sporter type rear sight with 300 meter aperture.
  21. If by buy the gun, you're hinting at me I hate to burst ur bubble I have your posts ignored and just by means of chance observed, dont flatter yourself its just every other -1 troll. Man you nearly got a deserved +1 . Howover, You should also try some other products for survival I suggest you to check the review of survival knife for hunting.
  22. Mounted a master mount siderai (from AKOU)l to my Ishmash Saiga 12 today. Had to grind quit a bit (using a dremel) on the inner face of the mount to accommodate the large heads of the 2 rivets on the l side of the frame. It took a bit of grinding to clear the heads, then it turned out I still could not get the hex heads of the cross struts to fit flush into the side rail body. Discovered that the front cross strut was just half mil too long. Ground that down slightly to allow flush fit. Sooooo... cordless dremel tool was essential. Took longer and several fittings to finally work. Once it is on it is solid. Blue loctite on strut fasteners.
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