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  2. jamesavery22

    My old S12 got some upgrades

    I've always wanted a better way to put a light and an RDS on my S12. How my 10 year old shotgun started out: After recent upgrades: Had to make a new rear sight block out of 4140. Just got it back from Pete's Heat Treating Inc. yesterday. Parkerized and gunkoted it. This is the mounting point for a TWS dogleg. This also has a Glock rear sight dovetail. Actually had a tall ameriglo rear sight I got to throw on. The rear of the dogleg on an S12 is very tricky. Doesn't fit quite right with the AK74 folding trunnion with out some material removed and some added. Front sight has an "adapter" block. Also 4140. The original rivet that makes up a front post was drilled out. A socket headcap screw was shaped on the lathe the fit that hole and hold down the adapter block. Adapter block takes standard Glock front sights. The Khukov handguard was a bitch to install. Has to mill some material away. Rear mlok slots had to be removed. The barrel is too wide there. Had to mill a square near the front so there was a pocket for the bottom of the gas block to sit in. Also had to make a block that slides into the receiver and protrudes for the rear of the handguard to bolt onto. Still have to do more fit and finish work then more painting. Love it so far.
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  4. saltydecimator

    "Extractor Slot Fix"

    i need to lolz at the yelling above... im having these issues with this new turkish tristar compact 12 i have... problem is, it has so many problems that ya never know whats causing what.... i need to just send back to someone and have them fix it...
  5. Heartbreaker

    Anderson AR lowers

    I have 2 Anderson lowers. One has a slightly tight magwell (Magpul won't drop free, USGI and Lancer will), but otherwise they work fine.
  6. Yes, and. My brother has a personal CNC machine. My cousin gave me his jigs from tactical machining. So I modified the jig to be an easier way to hold the blanks in the CNC all trued up. Sort of a fixture I suppose. Otherwise holding a lower true in all the axes to the cutter so that engraving doesn't look like garbage would be a real pain. Engraving with a conical cutter really shows any variance in the Z axis/ surfaces that are supposedly true in the horizontal plane. i.e. the magwell, and the areas where the markings go near the safety selector. I kind of suck at drafting, but it is clearly better than the ones I've done with jigs on drill presses. Less issues with runout, drill wobble. Most of the jigs allow for a lot of play. I've also sort of supervised a friend using one of the expensive router jigs, which were well designed, but overkill. IMO, a drill press with a cross slide vise would be adequate, but you would need to check runout on the drill, and you would need to accurately square the work to the drill. You can get away with being off by a bit in most of the pocketing operations, but the pin locations, and perpendicularity are critical.
  7. I did and for $70 and there is a 2 week wait or more. just trying to find something a little faster and cheaper.
  8. seems like a good load for the price $19/100 down from $36
  9. saltydecimator

    Anderson AR lowers

    you runnin jig or....?
  10. I like 80% partly for the ability to machine or etch my own markings or not.
  11. Look up dinzag arms http://www.dinzagarms.com/
  12. Trying to find a Lower Retainer for my vepr, I have a RPK stock set I would like put on it. most places I find one are sold out. Thanks for any help.
  13. saltydecimator

    Anderson AR lowers

    i like PSA current run of funny lwers... they gonna do a m4 roll mark clone one soon, for $50... thats here idput my money
  14. scoutjoe

    SCCY- Anyone have one?

    Ya, Game Commission isn't too fond of you doing that. That being said I've heard calls over the radio giving the locals the go ahead to dispatch the deer. The meat does taste funny, even if you make jerky out of it. I can say that the locals probably wouldn't have an issue with.
  15. You're buying lowers at $50 a pop? Saw some for $35 recently on a "flash sale". As for Andersons? last couple builds have been on them. A lower is a lower, unless you want something fancy on the side. I know a guy who referred to them as "poverty ponies", so I'll use that slang with pride.
  16. gunfun

    SCCY- Anyone have one?

    I was on the fence. In the end I didn't shoot the elk, but I felt bad about it. I think it probably died within a minute or two anyway, though I would have preferred to shorten that time. The deer I hit later died before it was skittering down the freeway. I can still see it's antlers shatter in slow mo, with the velvet sloughing off in the impact.
  17. They are often cheaper than that. A lower is a lower. Snobs will disagree, but they are functionally the same piece, made from one of the same forgings as the other brands.
  18. Anyone hear any good or bad about them? They're running $50 a pop at FF.
  19. Last week
  20. think it will be reliable? how they end up doing it? i mean if its effectively 1 stack all by itself i guess it could work, but i just dont understand the mechanisms "Rimfire 22LR CP33 (Competition Pistol, 33-shot) uses innovating quad stack magazines in which the cartridge separator is also the spring guide. The magazine feeds quickly enough to support 2000rps machine pistol, so it’s very reliable in a semi-auto. The long rail on top accommodates red dots or scopes, and the muzzle is threaded for a brake or a sound suppressor." https://www.alloutdoor.com/2019/01/11/secret-new-keltec-guns/
  21. wife and her dam scentsy stuff could save the day! at it will smell at same time! bonus!!
  22. A lost wax cast would work too, but that's a shitload of wax.
  23. patriot

    SCCY- Anyone have one?

    You usually don't want the meat after I hit it with the truck. It's pretty busted up inside. Yeah. I know it's probably against a law or ordnance, but letting an animal suffer like that is cruel, immoral, and inhumane. I'll take the high ground. Realistically, I doubt it'd be a problem even if a cop witnessed it.
  24. Ronin38

    SCCY- Anyone have one?

    Technically that would be illegal around here, too, but just about every Police Officer around here has done the same thing for a whitetail by the road, so I doubt any of them would actually ticket someone for that. Just be sure to contact the Game Warden promptly, so you can harvest the meat.
  25. gunfun

    saiga 12 law enforcement only

    Nice. That low RS mount really is slick.
  26. gunfun

    SCCY- Anyone have one?

    Funny. That was the original reason I got my CCW. Then when it happened, I realized that it would be illegal in my state because of laws about firing on or across roadways. It was a kind of surreal thing to think about as there was an elk suffering amid fragments of my car, that if I put the elk down humanely, I could get arrested for it.
  27. I know you need to pay attention to what kind of foam. Some of them off gas stuff which will contaminate your melt. Also you basically can use the foam, and dissolve it out of plaster with acetone, if you want to make a plaster mold. Just has to be the right kind of foam. Hack A Week did a series on that technique for making the form for a motorcycle gas tank.
  28. mike545

    12 BHO part

    Just got a Saiga 12 used, they converted it, three away the BHO part. CSS is out of stock, where else could I get one?
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