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    Need Side Rail for Tromix S17 to Mount RDS

    I used to like the TRS-25 before I discovered PA. They cost a little more, but they are worth it.
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  5. clearly its the us vs them & we smell like Walmart to the elites ripping us off
  6. Two words... Bill Clinton. Still DC's "Golden Boy" party-animal, invited to all the big political gatherings. That's what getting Impeached counts for these days... 😎
  7. I think you know what I mean. They break them we fix them.
  8. Dremels don't ruin guns, people ruin guns. It is no different from any other tool; it can be used for good, or it can be used for evil.
  9. This can be true for some but going to a good school can give novice a better perspective and teach them that the only thing that ruins a gun is a Dremel. I have fixed guns since I was 12 years old but understanding how each gun works and what you can do with them has always involved study and the right tools and how to use them. I still remember threading my first barrel I was a wreck but after it was over, then you think to yourself " that was it ?" that was years ago. Only Botched 2 jobs in my life a AR trigger because I was in a hurry and a cold blue job (never again) on a shot gun because I wanted to try it. I do it as a hobby but have though about opening a shop but my Other job I just retired from took all my time and life. I do It for friends and have made a lot of Kel Tec pistols work perfect not to mention High points, cheap 1911s, cheap micro 1911s, botched ak builds . Just finished a Beretta 84 that a woman dropped off that she bought years ago and never fired it. Have a old Rem 721 30.06 that has been neglected next and then 2 shot guns and a 22 target pistol. The only way to do something that you have not done before is to start
  10. If his own wife can't trust him, why should we? That's my stripped down view of it.
  11. In 21 years of service, I've seen many go down the route of adultery and loose their careers over it, rightfully so. Male and female. Same rules should apply for ALL that serve the American People.
  12. I never went to school for gunsmithing. I think some people just don't need it and, on the other hand, I have known people who went to gunsmithing school and still didn't have enough natural mechanical ability to get by as a semi-decent gunsmith. One even went to Colorado School of Trades, IIRC. There is something that can't be measured or taught that is required to be more than one dimensional when it comes to this stuff. I studied machining 20+ years ago and just completed CNC programming and fabrication school. I get by with that, research when I don't already know something, ignoring what most others do (my greatest asset, lol), and some natural ability. A solid machining program at a community college would likely get you where you want to go if you have an above average understanding of firearm function and are a good researcher. If you already have machining experience and have a good understanding of that, start researching bolt rifle building and tool up. Searching 'Build your own bolt action rifle' yields some good hits. You never know, you might unearth something noteworthy that others would pay you for. Post pics
  13. Never tolerated in the Navy Lose your self control ,lose your commission
  14. Also .... will someone please clone Rosamund Pike!
  15. Does anyone know where I can get a knife like Christian Bale had in the movie "Hostiles?" That was an impressive knife. I liked it. I want one. Thanks.
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  17. If you can find a school, and use that spare action to build what you want, THAT would be a better use of time and money! And when you get down to it, it will most likely be about the same amount of money - but nothing beats doing it yourself!
  18. How do you keep a security clearance when you are having an affair? This is PROOF of mendacity, and SHOULD result in IMMEDIATE DISMISSAL and firing ON THE SPOT! For all of us mere mortals, who have had to behave to keep our clearances, and many have lost them for just this reason - can someone explain why the rules only apply to minions , and are completely flaunted by those who deem themselves as our masters (and call themselves 'public SERVANTS?).
  19. Synthetic cordura with semi rigid kydex reinforcement between layers and a alpine austria "cobra" quick buckle. Easy on, easy off and will not sag, stretch or twist; no holes for buckle to get deformed and can easily be adjusted for weight loss/gain. Only downside..(based on opinion and what you normally wear) is they wont be confused for a regular belt worn with dress pants etc. If you wear your shirt untucked it wouldnt really matter though, as you wouldnt see it.
  20. Half black "president". lets not forget hes cousins with george bush, dick chenney and brad pit among others leading back to british royalty. Believe it, theres a reason why he was placed into the position. We lucked out with Trump because hes rich, well known and popular enough to completely expose how they control elections. If they would have stole the election from him it would have been obnoxiously obvious and there is no doubt Trump would would have used all his resources to prove it and completely expose their scam. Ultimately if that would have happened it most likely would have initiated the complete breakdown of American government and society as we know it.
  21. Any time you can go to school and do what you love better is a good Idea. If you go to the school it will open up a ton of roads you never thought possible. As for the barrel in your gun being shot out that may not be so. when I shoot a rifle with a thinner barrel I keep track of it temp. Some guns shoot better cold and some shoot better warm. Also 30.06 is not a bad round .
  22. https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2018/04/17/new-gun-video-site-gunstreamer-com-launches/
  23. thats not going to happen he is still their golden boy, the plan was to ruin capitalism, so they could say seeeee...then vote their socialist bullshit ....they almost succeeded until the Donald ruined the bullshit scam of a legacy, and they gave that clown a Nobel award for being a black president
  24. Netpackrat expresses my sentiments better. I understand the cost/economic arguments some posters have submitted, but my idea is meant to be a fun educational exercise. Also, they seem to assume such a gun already exists on the market. As far as I know, no mainstream manufacturer makes bull barreled .30 caliber rifles (why not?). What they call a "heavy barrel" is not nearly as thick as what I've seen on custom rifles at the gun range. A Varmint barrel is thicker than a "heavy barrel" on many factory stock rifles. I dream about building a rifle from scratch, but I figure it's smarter to begin with aftermarket components and put them together. I wouldn't do it all at once due to the total cost. One part at a time. I mention using the services of a gunsmith simply because I do not have the skills or tools of a gunsmith to do things like change a barrel, replace a trigger, or glass bed a gunstock, blueprint an action, etc. I just know about them and their importance. I simply have an extra Rem 700 long action I want to do something with in order to learn more about this fascinating craft, and get rid of the skinny barrel (a sporter barrel?) my rifle currently has. I might do the same for a .308 rifle build one day. All in all ... I'm intrigued by how one can build a bolt rifle from components. If only Howa offered barreled actions with bull barrels. If only MacMillan gunstocks weren't so expensive. If only the stork would leave a NightForce scope at my door. :-) I think I need to attend that gunsmithing school I've heard about in Colorado. I had an idea for a .50 caliber bolt rifle when I was in middle school. Well ... some guy in Tennessee named Barrett beat me to it. Darn. I have a 20 gauge side-by-side double barrel shotgun my grandfather made himself - including a walnut stock he carved. I wish I knew how to do that. Unfortunately, they don't teach "Gunsmithing 101" in college. It seems silly to have gotten an engineering degree, but not know the first thing about building a rifle - let alone a match grade barrel. Like Clint Eastwood said in one of his movies: "A man has to know his limits." I have a fun idea. I'll defer to others' expertise to help make it become a reality.
  25. A couple more comments: 1) I keep thinking how a Mr. Baker of Diligence, Inc. (an intelligence firm) was on Greg Gutfeld's show. He said if a civil war really were to break-out the left "would get its ass kicked." 2) I also keep thinking how all the "Chris Matthews" of the world need to be held accountable for giving Obama a pass, not vetting him, and getting him elected. Thus, setting the stage for this mess.
  26. Information advice with my SBS build want to shorten the barrel on my Sega 12 to 13 inches. would like to know exactly what it takes to make the gun run After shortening the barrel as far gas block modifications. If it needs it and what that entails. want to try to do some of the work or most of the work myself to cut down on cost, I can cut and crown barrel myself. Sent in the paperwork for the form 1 about five months ago hoping to receive it soon. So I figured I’d start getting some of the information. This will be my second SBS but my first semi auto. Thank you for any advice/help with this build.
  27. Trump will win , he has not lost yet. The Swamp can be a smelly thing
  28. YouTube is in a transition they are dumping a lot of controversial material guns, pot smokers, conservative people But we always need to realize for the most part people making content for their channels are making money. It is about the money, some of these people make a very good living doing this. I have developed and run 2 websites that can upload video, but the problem is why would I want to do that for others if it is on my dime. Because it is my dime it is also my data. in other word there is no incentive to let others share their material for free. Why not have the gun and ammo producers set up and sponsor a gun tube. The NRA can and should be a part of it. However, I do not see this going anywhere unless the content producers are compensated.
  29. then the corrupt fbi announces the indictment of 12 Russians JUST BEFORE Trump is scheduled to meet with Putin at the summit now these treasonous fbi bastards announced this indictment 3-4 weeks ago and one of the Russians said rock & roll bitches lets go to court and the fbi said were not ready despite the fact the already indicted ! wtf back on point....they only RE ANNOUNCED this to fuck with trump while in the jaws of the enemy
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