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  2. live trapped a mouse. then dispatched it wiht the tristar. without top cover. im not diggin it, anyone wanna trade? oh, and dont tell peta
  3. Jetg23

    Can't hit with no sights?

    Yeah , you definitely hit the little target on the top and made it swing back down. The rate of fire on that one is really fast. It almost seems as if you are firing burst fire. Great job man. So smooth and sweet !
  4. usdmatt

    Kalashnikov USA finally shipping Saiga 12

    Mine wont cycle winchester super x 00 buckshot on gas setting 1. Been eating slugs though...been through 100-150 slugs since I received it back from warranty.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Mullet Man

    Kalashnikov USA finally shipping Saiga 12

    it looks to have the metal feed lip spring, like AGP mags
  7. evlblkwpnz


    I repaired one early on that had the trunnion welded in and an ACE type plate welded on the back, the barrel was supposed to be 8" but was 10-5/8", the bolt had been milled completely through to where the firing pin is (no clue what they were trying to achieve), barrel had a lot of ports in it, receiver cover was basically trash, and gas block was on with screws in it (yes, where the pins go). It didn't run at all and was basically ready to be scrapped. Hardly anything on it was any good. I brought it back. New barrel, new bolt, AK100 (with rivets, lol), and a lot of other corrective work. People do some stupid stuff and this was all done by another shop.
  8. Last week
  9. saltydecimator

    Vepr-12 Drum, What should have been...

    im in for a couple! not sure if thats what this aboot, but just throwing htat out there
  10. saltydecimator


    oh ya thats what i meant. but with this you are gonna always experience shennanigans, as folks try things.... i had one once that somene tried to shim up the booster piston with some black rubber substance... not really sure what they were trying to do, but it didnt work.... may have been jbweld. they wanted it longer for some reason?
  11. evlblkwpnz


    I wish it all worked like that. Until I get caught up, it is make contact, get in line, wait, send the weapon in, wait, and finally enjoy it. After existing contracts are finished, my partner and I have decided to let the pool company hibernate until the market settles down. It has been a real thrown in the side for both of us. There is money there, but we're both over it. We may really love the break and close the company down altogether. We both have better things to do than build pools. Builds will move in and out much faster. I am not fond of working on things after others, especially when they chop it, it doesn't run, and they have tried 'everything' (every bad idea, lol) and it still doesn't run. I've seen some really bad ideas implemented, even from other shops. It costs more that way. An un molested gun is the best starting point and will yield the best results. Chop and fire strong loads while you wait for intake is about the next best thing.
  12. I'm still here and surviving. lol. Just checked it looks like I joined in March of 2004. I don't spend much time here anymore since I had to sell ( Financial hard times ) my S12. But I am hopeful to have another one someday.
  13. ooooooooh independence day 2008, not bad!!!
  14. Im not an "ancient one" by any means, but its been awhile. Partly because I went to school for general machinist and CNC machinist 1. Then after that I got my bachelors degree in film/videography. I don't make shitty YouTube videos anymore....they're "high-class YouTube films" now...lol But seriously, the Saiga12 and this forum gave me the initial push to do all of that and I thank you guys for supporting my crippled ass! Its too bad that some vendors considered my crappy channel, at that time, to be a business and convinced the owner to make me purchase a monthly vendor account just to be able to share my videos here with you all. Apparently they assumed I was making that "Google/YouTube money" when even now my channel still doesn't make enough to even think about purchasing a monthly vendor account. To the vendors still here that were on my side, thank you again.
  15. Fitty%


  16. has a fail zero bolt carrier so allegedly needs no lube, and wipes clean. somehting about patent pending something or other keeps the action clean. real excited to see how it works. not excited at the price point or lack of big mags at launch (dec 3, 2018) http://www.wilkinsontactical.com/cr12.html i talked to someone up there a few weeks back. seems to have a good sense about customer service and how to talk to folks, while also being a machine operator. seems like its hard to find folks who can talk to folks and do produce stuff. in our industry anyways... https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2017/01/18/wilkinson-tactical-cr-12-shotgun-shot-2017/
  17. saltydecimator

    A new arrival

    i just dont like the akdal action. seems chincy. like tube gun. why shoehorn a tube gun into a bullpup setup ya know?? i like the idea of that bullpup chinesse type 91 clone or whatever though. MAC had a video up about it... has last round hold open. and by last round, it means if there are no rounds availabile it will lock open...
  18. saltydecimator

    US Palm comng back!

    anyone have a new production grip in hand yet? pun intended!
  19. ya i wanna stay away from spring tweeks. seems a bad option.... gettin some deformation on my hammer already from the firing pin... must be soft. thats ok, easlily replaced/sourced part....
  20. saltydecimator


    send em to cnc warrior, he may be in the mood? he does a lot for ak stuff i think....
  21. saltydecimator


    so, if folks arent aware, i think there is a real cool option in terms of SBS builds. correct me if i get this wrong: step 1: get your shotgun of choice step 2: efile a form 1 for sbs. they are allegedly sitting at 10 days turnaround time! 10 days!!! thats amazeballs! i would do all kinds of stuff if it didnt require half of a years wait! step 3: receive stamp back, engrave your trust or name or whatever is pertinent (what happens if you move? if you just put city and state if you dont havea trust?) step 4: chop barrel to whatever you like. step 5: send to evl to actually make it work, assuming you go short and want gas block moved and op rod shortened step 6: he makes it great like frosted flakes and gets it back to you, all while saving 7-9 months!! like i said, im not sure how all this works, but thats what i read on (b)arfcom the other night...
  22. saltydecimator

    Kalashnikov USA finally shipping Saiga 12

    im waiting fo the fostech ak trigger. dunno how well it will lend to the 12 ga, but i bet they would work unmodded int the 12 and 20 ga's
  23. faststang90

    Kalashnikov USA finally shipping Saiga 12

    has any tried a slide fire on one of these guns ?
  24. They are there, just wearing that Harry Potter cloak... @ 1:35 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rqi3jpBSyCc
  25. Everything is calm. Like I said, the cartels apparently sent word down to the caravans that they are not welcomed in this area. I have noticed a lot less air patrol. I dont know what to make of that. Perhaps they are flying drones at higher altitudes. They are very hard to make out, but we have seen them in the past. There is also some kind of observation post that's been set up on federal property about 400 yards east of my house, but I've never seen anyone in it. Perhaps at night?
  26. Got to Paduca and my left knee started giving me big problems lots of pain and could not extend it. Had to turn back. Seen my Doctor and tomorrow will get MRI Looks Like they are going to fix it what ever it is. Man has this been a crap year but at least I am still here. Was in a poor mood for a while but knowing what that knee has gone through it was due to give me big problems. No major swelling so it may not be a tendon . We will know tomorrow.
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