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  2. AR15 and AR10 use the same FCG. The longer hammer could have something to do with the profile of the underside of the carrier too.
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  4. I was driving my newborn daughter to McAllen for a doctor's visit. First heard about something happening when I parked the car and noticed people freaking out I walked into the building and saw the 2nd plane hit live.
  5. Grip looks standard.. Selector is a maybe. Trigger is likely not standard maybe it is ar10 pattern? The hammer is longer to reach the firing pin on higher bore center. The front stock is aluminum looks like M-lok.. But I don't have anything M-lok to test with it..
  6. Well, not ideal, but certainly interesting. Do you think the grip, trigger, and selector design might allow use of AR parts there? Those are the main things I think a lot of people would want to swap out. Thank you for investing and posting!
  7. We just got one of these in, basically it is a giant AR-15. I don't think anything on the shotgun is really cross compatible with the AR-15, and likely not the AR-10 either. I'm going to do more of a review and I have someplace to be in half an hour so I'll update it when I get home later tonight. The photos are not exactly awesome, I had my phone in my pocket and ended up sweat damaging my camera... I have a video that I did taking the gun apart just talking about the parts.. I'll try to add that tomorrow since I'm trying to edit in some still shots into it. The Shotgun as it comes. Showing the lower vs a normal AR-15. The lower one is the JTS-M12AR Comparing the uppers, the lower one is the JTS-M12AR Buffer and spring.. Lower one is the JTS-M12AR. The buffer is two parts with a large coil spring inside, like an extra shock absorber of sorts. Showing the stock tube, the lack of additional holes makes use of an AR-15 stock non adjustable.. If the tube is not standard to an AR-10, maybe the better option would be to remove the stock tube and mill it to match the AR-15 pattern. But at best you are going to have a two or three point adjustment, because longer than A2 length would not really fit anyone, and any shorter and the tube will stick out the back.. As is factory stock is not terrible, the recoil pad is nearly 1" of rubber, firm enough to give some support with magnum slugs.. And the stock is pretty much as short as you are going to get since the tube runs the whole length. An AR-15 stock does fit over the tube but there is only one position roughly 3/4" from the end of the tube. Stock seemed to fit very tightly. It is roughly equal to an AR-15 fully extended, so not super long. This is the spring loaded catch that stops the buffer from popping out.. Ar-15s have the same thing but in the center. Not sure why this one is different. The shotgun has two chokes, they are REM chokes. You get a plain Modified that fits flush and a Cylinder bore with muzzle brake.. Bolt carrier group compared with an AR-15, the AR-15 is obviously smaller. Showing the gas piston system.. An advantage this system has is that there are no threads, it is toolless for cleaning just rotate to the top and pull and the whole gas system comes out the front.. Showing the receiver compared to a normal AR-15
  8. Here is picture of the bolt from the experimental action, with our 416 HSM case in it. Note the amount of the base size of locking lugs, the amount of area on the bolt.. Here is link to guy doing special 585 HE in the EU, Good pictures............www.585he.cz We tested intermediate action with a 700HE barrel we had here. Just temporary to test strength. 1000 gr over 3100.. Action worked fine.. Ed.
  9. I know nothing about these knives, but I do know that I'd rather buy a couple of less expensive knives and get by. If I lose one or break one I will still have one. I see knives as tools and as long as it cuts and doesn't break too easily, it is a good tool.
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  11. New Tac-14 furniture - Grip & Forearm Location: Gainesville, GA Item is for: Sale or Trade Sale Price: $39.95 Item Description: Magpul MOE M-LOK Forend and Shockwave Birdshead grip to fit your Remington 870. Black, brand new, pulled from unfired gun. Build your own Tac-14 from your PGO Remington 870. 0=======================================================================================0 Leather holster, fits Tac-14 or a Shockwave Location: Gainesville, GA Sale Price: $44.95 Item Description: New Leather holster that fits either a Tac-14 or a Shockwave. It's a more natural shade than the one I have pictured. Local pickup Gainesville, GA or I will ship and insure on your dime. Thanks! Trade Value or Items Looking For: Remington Wingmaster Lockwork or Bolt, or slide with action arms (No MiM)
  12. Hey Guys: I like ESEE knives, but they sure are expensive. Specifically, I like the ESEE 5 because of its thick blade. Also, it's sort of neat its handle has a bow drill hole. However, ESEE knives are $100+. Wow. One can find knives with equally thick carbon steel blades for less. Just wondering if their blades are (for whatever reason) higher quality or are you paying for the name. Thanks.
  13. Oh, the other thing about the festiva, was it was night and day in feel and performance, and economy at some undefined weight threshold. I could have a passenger or two, and it was the same as always. If I had my dad in there, who is a big guy, the thing was just struggling, and it was like a completely different car.
  14. I'm nothing special. I don't know much about the TDI, but I was impressed. feel free to be skeptical, I'm just reporting what I found on the trips I used it on. I enjoyed the car and was sad to see it die. As for the festiva, they came in with several different engines, and I had whichever the good one was with a 5 speed. We had a couple others in the family which were not as good, and one which was the same. The autos were garbage. I did a test driving for about a month and a half using 87 gas from arco, and ditto from the chevron which was at the time 10 cents more a gallon even. My cost per mile was identical, but the car ran way better on the chevron. I tried to not change my driving habits. So I do think fuel makes a big difference with some cars. I was a more economical driver then than I am now, but it really was a good car for me. Most of my cars since have been around 30-32 mpg most of the time. The car that really surprised me was driving a late model very borrowed loaded outback and getting 36+ mpg per the display while going over mountain passes and being kinda aggressive. I had noted mileage, and when I did the math for the trip it came out exactly what the display claimed. Older versions of the same car with less refined transmissions were much cruder and get rather dismal economy. I still don't see how they managed to get that much mpg out of such a heavy rig.
  15. faststang90

    12 round magazines

    I have put a lighter return spring in my gun and the bolt doesn't seem to close all the way. I installed the factory spring. I need to go back and try it. if I cant get it to work right now im going to take it to a shop to see if the gas ports are the right size. I think I have already done it but not sure.
  16. sjgusmc21

    US Palm comng back!

    Glue on floorplates are kinda stupid. Name a SINGLE major gun company that glues their magazines together.. This is why I never purchased them.
  17. I was sound asleep (maybe I could get a job at the FBI; they were asleep on 9/11 too). Wife had gotten job in new city and went on ahead of me, I was still in my hometown packing to move. Got woken up by phone call from her telling me to turn on the TV. TV was packed... Got on the computer, news sites were all slammed and dialup ISP was going slow as fuck (small town, rural Alaska prior to them getting cable modems) so I couldn't see anything. Finally found a site that would load. Not very interesting all in all. My brother's story was slightly more interesting than that. He was at NASA Langley doing engineering at the time and when they went to Threatcon Charlie, he decided to un-ass the base before they went to Delta and all of the traffic on and off was stopped. Another relative worked for one of Alaska's senators, and saw the smoke pouring out of the Pentagon on his way in to work. He pulled over and called the office, asked if there was any point to coming in? Nope, boss is "elsewhere" right now, go home.
  18. I had just finished hauling out the garbage. And finished breakfast when someone called to turn on the TV.. The trash guys just stopped and went home, everything pretty much stopped moving for the whole day and most of the next day.. I recall that Solo cups pretty much went out of stock until February.. And that pretty much every night there was a news report of someone getting killed putting a flag pole into power lines.. My sisters co workers all got decontaminated by Hazmat after a box exploded in the back stockroom covering 50+ people at the store in white powder... One of the people at the distribution center apparently thought it would be a great prank, ended up that the morning before the box was opened that a person 20 miles away tested positive for anthrax.. So the entire area was on high alert for any white powders on mail or boxes... So the panic of being sprayed by white powder resulted in one of the co-workers having a heart attack and another couple to have asthma attacks, which stressed out several other people who started throwing up.. So when Hazmat arrived they had all the signs of a terrorist attack and responded accordingly.. Which just sent the whole situation from an solid 9 on a scale of 1-10 straight to 11...... The box blew up at 11 pm and by 2 am over 100 emergency responders five government helicopters, a half dozen news helicopters, a couple armored vehicles and about 20 FBI guys where there... It was quite the event.. I think the prankster is probably still in prison.. Lots of crazy stuff happened right after 9/11, honestly the world changed and never went back to how it was.
  19. derbrererd

    12 round magazines

    Finally got a chance to try these out. The magazines function flawlessly. As for Remington shells, the Express Long Range worked almost perfectly, with one stovepipe out of 50 shots. The Remington Game Loads stovepipe every time, just like any Federal 2-3/4" shell. So, I think there is something to csspecs' theory about hull weight, but it isn't the only factor, as both types of Remington shells appear to have the same amount of plastic. My gun has not had any additional drilling done to the barrel, just a polished bolt. Anyway, I'm pretty exited to have these magazines and shells that work with them.
  20. I was sleeping in a little that day. I came down stairs and my dad was watching Fox. It was right after the second tower had fallen. The screen was just a haze of dust and smoke. It was an airial view from across the bay. Only thing I could make out was a very small Staute of Liberty in the bottom left corner of the screen. I asked my dad what happened. He simply said, “They bombed New York.” I immediately thought nuked and asked my dad what the hell he doing sitting there and letting me lay in bed. We aren’t far from Wright-Pat Airforce base and if nukes were flying we needed to be getting on the move away from possible fallout if it were hit! He clarified it was planes, lol... I went to work out in the wood lot splitting firewood. A short bit later I heard 2 loud booms. It turned out to be a jet breaking the sound barrier. At the same time a power transformer blew up about a mile outside of downtown Dayton and set a overgrown field of grass on fire. The local news reported that Dayton had been bombed before they figured out what had happened. I remember that night a couple local gas stations were gouging at just over $2.00 a gallon and people were lined up trying to get it. I remember sitting with friends that afternoon and one friend was frantic saying he was getting to Canada. I was pissed the hell off over that comment. I verbally condemned him calling him a pussy and a traitor and told him to just go then and don’t come back after we mopped up. He was just really scared. I felt bad about saying all that later. He is a great guy and American, he just doesn’t handle stress well, lol. Crazy days for sure...
  21. MikeD

    Vepr-12 Drum, What should have been...

    Took me 18 months from the time I said I was building a Saiga drum until it was shipping! A lot in the industry said that was quick but it was the longest and scariest 18 months of my life!!! I tried to juggle both my tree service and the drum development in the beginning. After a couple months I realized the tree business was slowing me greatly and would likely kill the drum. I had to make a choice. I came down out of the tree for good and hit the drum development fulltime. By full time I mean basically all waking hours spent researching materials, production methods, mold design, websites, shipping and on and on! I wouldn’t even allow time to eat! I’d get up from the computer and go open the fridge just to immediately close it and go back the computer. My mom and girlfriend started keeping it stocked with Ensure. I would grab one or two of those if they were there, lol. They kept me alive, barely...
  22. Actually I have a semi Mossberg I converted to magfed. I did away with the rear spring and put it on the tube. Reduced about 14 parts from the gun and a half pound of weight! Made the gun more reliable, blows the gas chamber clean ever round like an AK, you can have a folding stock or sole pistol grip now. It was actually a super simple design change and superior in basically every regard to the gun.
  23. You mean “The most advanced AK mag in the world.” They were a joke. I got some. One drop busted the feedlips. One light smack to the front of the mag in the gun and it ripped the metal reinforcements damn near completely out. Pure garbage!
  24. You are correct! With the fear removed of imminent bans the market has slowed. Now manufactures have to concentrate on new and innovative to get sales and simply making AR-15s 24/7 isn’t going to cut it. That’s a good thing for advancement!
  25. Still check in from time to time. The drum wars, lol! Bringing the MD-20 was definitely a battle! Even when the wall was breeched there was still a battle to reach to command center, lol. I remember the reliability service to get the wraithmaker’s bad feedlips to not jam the gun. Yeah, that’s pretty much all it was that was wrong with their drum, the feedlips. Had they been better guys I would have told them back then, competition or not... They finally figured it out though but not until they had destroyed themselves, lol!
  26. Gunfun, you must be the greatest driver in the world. 65mpg out of a TDI VW, and 55mpg out of a Festy. I owned an '89 Festy 4spd manual, that i swapped a 5spd into. It was the carb 4cyl, pre stupid door attached sliding seatbelts. The best i ever mustered out of that Festy was literally tailgating a semi for 110 miles, of a 170 mile trip. I used up 3.5 gallons. When i say tailgate, i mean i was literally 8-10ft off the trailer of that semi, doing 55mph on Interstate 39. Fun car tho, i only paid $550 for it and it came with the 5spd i swapped into it. It's been 10yrs since i had that Festy, and if memory serves me right, i averaged ~42mpg. I actually shopped those again, before i picked up this TDI. I agree. The econo box has an aire of freedom about it. In more ways than just being able to travel farther, for less. It's about not being 'AS' enslaved to the oil industry to. It's a double "FUCK YOU". so to speak.
  27. Veprz

    Saiga 12 front Trunion

    Machined from a forging?
  28. I was in college, seen the second plane hit on tv, said we are going to war, and went back to class. Sad i felt we were going back to the middle east without knowing who did the attack.
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