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GunFun's first build progress (IZ-109)

Some pictures of my personalized conversion process.

Some things are how they will stay, and some things are just there until I can refine them or get a chance to make the part I want.

Current Parts list:
(8 parts w/ import mag 5 part w/ US)

K A Tappet
RSA Trigger
JT Engineering Safety Stop
(Surefire style)

AK builder / Cobra choke adapter
+ full choke
+ Hastings Rifled paradox choke

Custom Aluminum Pistol Grip
(not yet finished Needs drilling and shaping)
Finished Aluminum Trigger Guard
Finished Aluminum Extended Mag Release

<del>-Temporary 2x6 stock - for style & test fit.</del>
+ Bulgarian AK74 wood furniture and bracket- modified to fit.

Stock has now been shortened and fit to the pad, and a ferrule for the hinge.
Ace Pushbutton
+Kick EEZ pad,
+ C&H Mercury tube. (16 oz) (removable).

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