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M48 Yugo Mauser

M48 Yugo Mauser

Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me! :D

It finally got here. My late birthday gift to myself (Why not right?). Got this one online and when the customary background check went through, it was all mine.

This is the 7.92x57mm M48 Yugoslavian Mauser. As per my request when I selected the hand selected option, good condition bore, cupped buttplate. This is the early model M48, there is no stamped steel that is used on this rifle, NONE. While I like stamped steel because I like Kalashnikovs I do appriciate some craftsmanship (I graduated trade school with a machining diploma with honors, you bet I appreciate it.).

More history. After WWII, The Yugoslavs wanted more Mausers but the Germans were wrecked so the contacted a company that had the rights to manufacture Mausers (I think it was FN but I could be wrong.). They bought manufacturing machinery from them and started churning out their own Mausers, the M48. The M48 has no bolt hold open follower, the wood is featured behind the rear sight (I like that, looks nice. Sort of Springfieldish.), a flat surface is under the turned down bolt (Which allows me to work the bolt any way I want, so I really like that.) and a cupped buttplate (Which I can see reduces the cracking on the side of the stock so I requested it.). The M48A is the Yugo Mauser with the stamped steel. Like the bottom metal for the enstock Mauser magazine is stamped steel on the M48A. They did it to increase production rates and also decrease over all costs at the same time. Even the trigger guard on this rifle here is milled. 3 way safety as per Mauser design. 5 round enstock magazine. It is non-matching btw. The only thing that does not match is the bolt. The action and stock are the same serial number.

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