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One interesting note, as you can see, there is no need for a safety stop, the edge of the magwell does this quite well

    I've got a JTE safety stop too.
    How did you install it?
    Can you post a picture?
    "JTE extended safety stop"

    I see, You have the JTE magwell and safety stop. it looks like the magwell is narrower than the TAC 47 magwell, but I'm not sure of that.
    Nice aluminum work on both!!
    I build, modify,and maintain aircraft by trade and have decades of sheet aluminum experience and tools.
    If you find you have a need for 6064-T3 ,up to .120" I probably will have some in my shop (most common is .040, 060, .080), just let me know and I'll see if I can help you out.
    good to know. Calling it a "safety stop" was a joke. I made the other aluminum pieces on mine. The JTE magwell is well made and funcitonal. I do like the detail touches on the one you have, but I don't like the way the release engages the magazine. My style of release is exactly to my tastes and is ambidextrous. Not being military, I don't have locked in manual of arms for ARs.

    However, even with sheared magazine ribs, most of the owners seem to love those.
    Yes, I have read about the sheard ribs, but I also have a possible fix that I am working on, one is to notch the mag as others have done, the other is a buildup of material. With my experience of working with many different materials and compounds I hope to develope a solid fix. It will probably be posted for others to explore when I arrive at the best method I can come up with. Maybe it will lead to something even better.
    No doubt there will be good pictures of your efforts.

    I'll pass on a tip I got from Cobra 762 for another project-- You can use a hot knife or soldering iron to weld more plastic in there for the buildup. Use your take off stock for fill material... Unless of course your idea makes this unnecessary.
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    That is a good tip !! I never thought about the factory stock for fill material.
    I will have to test the plastic for compatability.
    One idea is to use my plastic welding equipment for the build-up (tempreature controlled heatgun with special tip that feeds plastic rod) and fuse a build-up. The trick is to determine the plastic type of the magazine and use the correct rod for the weld (just like you would with metal).
    Then a simple file job to shape. If I don't have compatable rod, then I'll use a bonding agent that will chemically bond fill material.
    Yes I will do a detailed post on the mod.
    I will aslo report my findings on the type of plastic unless someone can tell me in advance.
    Thanks for the tip FunGun and cobra762!!!
    Sounds like you have it covered. I am pretty sure SGM uses glass filled nylon.