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front sight 1

front sight 1

one good turn deserves another

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    Why disturb the visually flat plane with the plastic clips? Every thing else you've done makes lots of sense to me. I just don't see what those add to the gun... The sights look great.
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    that's my upper handguard. one of the early thoughts was a rail on top of the gas tube would allow me an easy way to get some insulation between my hand and the hot gas tube. I was leaning toward a vented heat shield for a while...
    How well do the sites line up with a cheek weld?

    You've been into saigas for about 10 minutes and already your gun is one of the best looking to me.
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    sight height was the focus for these. i wanted them as low as possible for the cheek weld. these sit 0.320" above the sight plane. that will provide an absolute cowitness when I install a T1 micro on there.

    so to answer your question:
    AKs have never been a proper cheek weld platform for me. the front half of my cheek sits on the receiver/top cover and this shotgun is no different.
    I plan to address that on this shotgun with a cheekpad and a buttpad.

    that said, as it sits now, is very usable with no neck strain. i just want the sights to line up for me without thinking about them when i shoulder the weapon.

    im waiting for my buddy to get his done so I can try his Tormix stock and see if its more comfortable for me than a standard stock. Itd have to be real comfy for me to cut my tang.