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CZ-75 P-02

I guess I was not too naughty this year, 'cause kind Santa brought me something re-e-e-ally nice:

brand spanking new CZ-75 P-02 with its famous Omega trigger in 9x19mm Luger.

From the album:


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So the omega trigger gets talked about as though it's a big deal... Is the standard trigger that bad, or is the Omega really something special?


I gather that it is mechanically simpler, I guess that's good, but if the old one isn't breaking and it is arguably the most popular service pistol in the world.

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I don't have much experience with newer (post-comm) CZ 75 pistols. 1st one I shot was near-new -75 B (SS) with custom trigger at ~ 4 lbs in SA. It was smooth and had short, well defined reset.


Next one was -75 D with stock trigger. Trigger felt heavier and was gritty. Not too heavy in SA, but was "grinding" like new stock/lower end AR trigger. I was told you can smooth it with dry firing, but I wouldn't wait that long.


"Omega" feels very smooth all the way through, from DA into SA. Reset is clean, but not as short as Glock's; DA is very long (on par with other -75), but, again, smooth.


Owner of CZ-75B (NRA Instructor, excellent shooter and very experienced gunner) liked my P-02 and rated Omega trigger on par with her custom job, and even slightly lighter (~ 3-3.5 lbs). 

To me, it feels slightly longer and heavier than my Kimber Custom 1911.

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