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Not gonna lie, good and fun. The trigger still needs some work. Other con is the weight at 11.8 lbs. Still waiting on sgm brake.  


I know it looks like alot going on up top, but it really is not that bad behind the gun.   trs comes off scope easy anyways, normally shoot it with just 3x9 no red dot


also, thanks for motivating my kpup 308 build

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dad, the sgm is already in the air headed to me.   If it does not work well or adds too much weight, I will get the m60, thanks for the advice.  Deadeye, regarding conversion, I had to do a ton of fabricating.  It is currently running the g2 trigger conversion single hook.   I first had to dremel the trigger channel wider so that the width of the trigger could fit through.  The next obstacle was the length from where the trigger pin is and the actual trigger.   Long story short, the trigger pull is 4.25 lbs, and one stage.   You cannot do a regular trigger conversion because of where the guiderod is for the kush platform without alot of time spent manipulating parts.  Hope this helps,  if there are anymore questions I would love to answer them   


Also, this gun is mostly used to hog and deer hunts.  My wife and I have a landing strip out on our land out of the city in LA. , and that is the only place I have used silhouettes to shoot and sight in.  The groupings at 100 yards have been very good.  Recoil is non existent.  Loudness is VERY existent hah as well as some flamethrower action. 


I would also like any suggestions on a lighter easier Mag Release option.


As far as parts added


Kushnapup Stock

Matte White Cerakote paint

600 Lumen flashlight (for hog hunts)

3-9x32 scope

Trs-25 red dot

SGM recoil pad

Tromix smooth charging handle

Krebs mk VI Safety Lever

Tapco G2 trigger conversion

Custom Gas Tube work for Picatinny mount

UTG 13 Slot Riser

SGM 308 Muzzle Brake (on its way and painting matte white)

2 X 5 rnd Magazines for deer hunting

1 X factory 8 rnd Mag

4 X 24 Rnd Mag for hogs and fun



Will upload video of shooting in near future

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