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    I can say that a lot of my projects have more time in them than the cash value of the items would warrant. At the time it was more of a matter of limited cash, but of course now I tend to like those guns more than ones with more intrisic value. "I did it myself" is hard to quantify, but it has real value. It also does a lot for stripping down various emperor expert trades. I'm not denigrating gunsmiths (or lawyers, etc...) but there sure are a lot of them who talk as though assembling an AR upper, or mounting a scope should only be performed by someone who has been doing it for a job for 35 years. Expertise has its value. So does working off the clock. The best expert has to be sparing with his time, and charge a lot for it. A careful amateur is going to check thrice, go slow, and go the extra mile, because it is his own. I doubt Tony or Evl would have refined their guns that they made into their jobs to the level that they have, if they were having to log the work hours on the first few. That kind of passion tends to be a hobbyist first, and maybe a job second. If your goal is to have a precision rifle and shoot it, buy one. If your goal is to build a rifle, because you want to build rifles, " because I wanna" is a solid justification.
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    Been in the hospital 2 more times due to a drug reaction, the secondt time I thought I was going to die, the pain in my chest was so great. Turned out to be the beta blocker and since they have taken me off of it I feel like my old self. In fact I finished all the back logged paper work for my past job and have one more thing to do. I have to go to a forum in Orlando next month for 2 full days of meetings , I really do not have to do it but I want to. The person who has taken over for me is doing a great job and I only get texts about people who would like to call an wish me well. Now that I have the green light to get active I will be starting a morning workout next week to get me back up to speed. As I have posted on another topic I have been taking in some gun work for friends. Was able to go to the gun range and shot my Glock for awhile felt good. The wife and I are talking about the once dreaded honey do's and I am looking forward to it. The last two weeks has been the best I have felt body and mind for a long time. I think this is going to be great. Just got a new recording studio computer replacing the old one and will be working with that as I have played for over 50 years. Today the wife and I will be getting new eye glasses . She is so happy just to have me around all the time as compared to never home. Just want to thank everyone for their prayers and well wishes.. Life is good
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    Agreed, and applies to two of our last 4 presidents.
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    forums are gay.. mods be all powertrippin' and shit...