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    I am sort of a beginner gunsmith. I converted my Saiga, I've bedded a rifle, I've done some trigger work, milled an 80% receiver and assembled two AR15s from stripped receivers. I'm mechanically inclined and have a good dose of common sense so I can usually figure stuff out. It would be neat to take an actual gunsmithing class and get some bigger and cooler tools to play with.
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    # 1 The eye thing. That "astigmatism". I have it and it sucks. Red dot sights look oval and sometimes double dotted. Scopes are no problem. Front iron sights are ok in bright sunlight. If shady, they can be an issue. Squeaky indicated in one of his posts that he doesn't have the skill or equipment to do the job. One thing I'll mention on his behalf is that pillaring is usually a prerequisite for glass bedding. I'll admit that I have never hired a gunsmith. I've always done my own work. I was fortunate that as a child I was able to sit at the bench of an old-time gunsmith and was fascinated to the point that his work overpowered my hyperactivity. I was like a sponge and learned so much about guns before the age of 8 that I've retained. Gunsmiths are a funny bunch. As GunFun said, they seem to impress that they are the only ones with enough knowledge and ability to turn a barrel into an action, remove a burr, and change sights. Licencing, expertise and equipment are surely a benefit to making a business, but don't disqualify anyone else. Only their own ability does that.