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    Send work inquiries to evlutionz@yahoo.com
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    Send work inquiries to evlutionz@yahoo.com
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    The carrier repair will outlast the rest of the weapon. Go ahead and fubar it and it can still be repaired. I am sure I'll eventually offer it as an option for customers. ETA: I actually did offer the 'pocalypse proof carrier for SBS customers early on, but no one wanted it. Forgot about that. If the receiver is bent enough, the bolt will strike that angled portion of the trunnion more than it should on the forward motion of the cycle. I have never seen metal displacement on that part of he bolt head before. I have seen it, but never like that, not even after 10k rounds. Something is wrong. The weapon could run fine like that and last longer than the user does, but I would figure out what is going on and address it. It certainly isn't an ideal condition. I suppose I was looking for a view more like this, showing more of the weapon oriented front toward the top of the scree and rear toward the bottom of the screen. Pardon my very quick and dirty rendering, lol.
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    I wouldnt suggest using a dremel. If I was doing it I would use a file by hand and only as much as necessary to clean up the peened/displaced metal. You dont want to remove ANY of the base metal.