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    i have a receiver thats uuuugly that i would designate for the "surgery" as long as i got it back.... the 10s are about $86 and the 15s $100 the upc for the 10 is 95138 and 95139 for 15 https://gun.deals/search/apachesolr_search/%20%2095138?view=list
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    Because Mossberg is going to make their own semi auto that takes those magazines, so why bother hacking up an irreplaceable Saiga?
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    oh right, tower would be the simple way to go, as then ya dont have to hack on your receiver... mike needs to get cracking with these before that does expire, as when it do and everybody and their brother (promag) rips it off, (and in promags case, does a less than decent job) hes gonna miss out on some moolah....
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    I am sure someone will either make a tower or mod a receiver to work with it, sooner or later. If they are smart it will not see the light of day until the patent expires unless they find a way to buy rights to use the design or part of the design. It could have already been done for all we know.
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    forums are gay.. mods be all powertrippin' and shit...
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    Thats the point, Decimate the threat in shortest amount of time and with the least amount of effort. Pistols are generally more accessible/easy to store/easier to handle due to size, within reason (factoring in caliber etc). Grandma might not be able to handle a 12g but she probably can handle a .22 pistol. A rifle would be ideal at longer ranges or vs multiple armed attackers. Shotguns traditionally have been extremely popular for home defense due to effectiveness in close quarters and availibility, the relatively new trend of braced rifle caliber pistols could inspire a shift in trend towards rifles.
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    Idk maybe people believe the myth of "S-12/V-12/clone market is dead". Doesnt make any sense considering the fact that there are many times more Kalashnikov based mag fed shotguns both on the street and for sale than ever before. Theres so many on the market and planned for release that its hard to keep up with all of them lol. They are mostly if not completely compatible with S-12/V-12 parts,mags and accessories. I guess the manufacturers of all these Kalashnikov based shotguns didnt get the memo that the "market is dead" lol. I believe the biggest factor may be that most if not all Kalashnikov based shotguns (readily availible for sale) today come with most of the features you would want out of the box. No need to convert to PG like in the past and probably less sbs conversions due to "fire arm" versions and factory folders being availible.