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    Well, at least it is not how it used to be. I had my part in the brutality. I was very hard on Pauly and Jack when they came at me, but it was not without warrant. I knew they were sleezebags but no one wanted to hear it, lol. We see how both of them conducted themselves on their way out. Pauly instigated a lot of stuff when things were rolling around here and Jack could not resist participating and even starting his own crap from time to time. I was hard on Fuller over some work that should have never seen the light of day. I got banned for that, stating the obvious, lol. Whatever. I am different person now in so many ways. If someone does crap work or screws people, I will be slow to speak and just let it come out as it will. It always will. Then there is the generally grumpy crowd. I got a lot of laughs out of much of that back and forth. I think the general arguing would have melted away were the participants face to face with a coffee or beer in front of them. Most of us are on the same team. I like it here now better than before. I don't miss the 'I bought the Gunfixer plug and my gun still doesn't run...' threads. Let the past be the past and enjoy the peace here.
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    That's funny, I asked for help identifying some Sagais I have and the 2 assholes that replied told me to use google, as if I hadn't alreay tried that This forum is a fucking joke. It sucked when Saigas were popular and it sucks even more now.
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    With all respect to a vet now in the ground . The true Rinos have come out. From the grave he was a self centered bitter man who would go out of his way to screw the republicans when ever he could. Trump never would kiss his rear and would call him out for who he was. Most gave him respect for being a vet and that is about it. He should have left congress when he was told he was sick for the good of his state and country but that is not who he was. The dems praised him while cursing him at the same time and he never got it. As for Trump! dredging a swamp to drain it is never a pretty thing. It is ugly and smelly and a lot of times your butt is surrounded by gators. But it is what it is, it has to be all of this if progress is being made
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    I had to add these two targets. I bought a single box of Eley Match .22 ammo for $19.95 to see if I could get better performance at 200 yards. The left target below was shot with my CZ 455 Tacticool and Nightforce F1 3.5 to 15 scope. The right target was shot with the Win 52 and Unertl 14 power scope from the previous post. Black bull is 1” and outer ring is 2.25”. Not bad for a gun that’s over 80 years old!
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    We are good to go on PGO here in FL, so far. We have a bunch of gun grabbers running for governor so we'll see how long that lasts. Still, as a manufacturer, the shop can possess whatever. I have to much work to have any fun with anything for a while. Closing my pool company soon should change that. FREEDOM! I'm quite excited about it.
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    I've been here a while... Can't recall how long... Still here... My favorite place!!
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    Still here. Still posting. Still a good site. I enjoy people who speak their mind...when they have one. There's a good bunch on here mostly, and the few 'tards that sneak in are swiftly dealt with either by mods or heckled without mercy by members.
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    Wow the ancient ones being summoned huh? Howdy old brothers! I'm still around and still doing top quality work on S-12, Vepr, and AK action components. I check PMs and lurk occasionally, sometimes make a comment or reply.... Hell I figured I'd lay off posting for awhile since even though I haven't much in years, my post count is still thousands above the next runner up I think...lol. Was last time I checked anyway. Yup still alive and well...somehow...
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    i still do drive bys. machine gun shoot sept 1st hernando sportsmans club 9am sharp if anyone's interested. bring ammo. edit to add - ive been here since pretty much the beginning and walked through all of what could possibly be a good part of my life through this forum. for some years i was angry and felt violated and cheated at times, but all in all it was a good experience, and i can say to myself that i did that. there are a LOT of good people here, old and new. this always was and still is, a different type of forum/community/. very personable. even when we hate each other we are still there and will still help out. even when cobra and i were at each other's throats, i could still call him or he me, for help, and end the conversation with "go fuck yourself". I have met a number of you, and worked on a great many member's guns as well. i never left? i just got burnt out i guess......
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    Present... and still building extreme high performance Kalashnikov platform shotguns, and loving every minute of what I do..... What are you up to these days, brother?
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    I still pop in n out from time to time. Good to see some of you guys still here.
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    Grumpy Old Bastard here! Still GRUMPY, and still an OLD BASTARD!
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    I'm here... Kind'a, maybe, sometimes. Damn I miss the days of high activity in here. I'm amazed Mackc keeps the lights on.
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    Love this forum...don't care how many post or don't post. We need GADDIS to dirty it up a bit....hasn't been around for a while.... As for Facebook...fuck facebook. Don't have an account and never well. Have even been questioned on job interviews why I don't have one.....did I mention 'fuck Facebook'?
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    What the mods do with a stuffed animal, a box of condoms and a pack of hand-warmers is their own business.