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    The Federal JSP in the blue box is a little better out of my CZ than even the Lapua, but I didn't find any of the other Federal ammo to be worth a shit. The Lapua runs around 1.25moa, and the blue box will do just a hair better than that. Winchester JSP from the silver box is the 3rd best and usually does about 1.5moa, while Hornady Zombie Max is a very consistent 2moa. IIRC the Czech made S&B was 5th best at around 2.2, and everything else turns into a shit show from there on out for me.
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    I've been eyeballing the 300 Blk AR mag version of this, but I just can't justify it since I already have a 300 Blk AR pistol that will do what I would need to do, kill hogs inside of 100 yards.
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    Ruger has really been stepping up their game lately. I'm glad to see it. They have some nice bolt guns straight out of the box.