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    Yes, I have seen some really bad ones with really bad ideas implemented and nearly ruined parts. It usually comes from regular gunsmiths trying to work on one or a shop that would like to do Saiga 12 work, but isn't really up to the task. When the economy was bad I think a lot of shops would take anything in even if they didn't know the platform at all, just to keep cash flowing. Thankfully, I haven't seen much of it lately.
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    Semi related. I got my scuba tanks rehydrod. I use them for paintball. They condemed one of my tanks, so I guess I have a bell now too, once I get some time with a saw.
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    I'm willing to look at the samples and discuss the fee cost.. My contact information is widely available, at any point he wants to pursue the possibility I'm ready to hear it. My interest in the idea is tempered with my own experiences with product production. The more complicated an item is the higher the failure rate. Fee cost is the most important thing I need to know. My understanding is that the feed tower section is mossbergs patent. So they can prevent any aftermarket tower from being made.. So I would not get your hopes up.
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    XTR-12 shotgun and ALG AKT trigger are prime examples of what you are referring to in the 'engineer' commentary. They already know it all, why would they bother to listen to a jeweler or a pool builder, lol? As far as winners and losers go, I think receiver to trunnion alignment has everything to do with it. It is the one thing that can vary the most on Saiga 12s. I haven't handled enough KS-12s and Lynx to see if they vary as much in alignment.
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    live trapped a mouse. then dispatched it wiht the tristar. without top cover. im not diggin it, anyone wanna trade? oh, and dont tell peta
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    hahah, so what should i do next? could you tell from vid if parts are cast or forged? i dont wanna mod too many parts as i assume they would blame shoddy parts on my mod if i ran into warranty issues...