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    Just put 150 slugs through mine today, nothing broke but the gas adjuster is going in the garbage. Not as bad as I thought it would be with the brace.
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    I would not get much hope up.... Mike at MDarms won't even give a price per unit. My view is that I need at least 10-12 months to make a product. The 2020 elections are only ?? 20 months away... Anyway I would need to hear something really soon and something good so that we could roll on this fast and hard... Much more time goes by and the value is gone because you can't sell it.. I need at least six to twelve months of sales to break even on a project like this... So I need to hear back like now or honestly last month if this was going to happen, otherwise you are wasting your time. Because I don't have enough time to break even. At the end of the day Mike at MDarms needs to get this done if it is ever going to happen. He teased this product a decade ago, that is a long long time.. Edit to add: He says he has some other people talking about it.. So maybe something happens? 2020 is a big wild card since pretty much every single democrat is saying gun bans and confiscation, even saying to change the SCOTUS by stacking the court to make it possible.. Obama said he was not going to take anyones guns during the 2008 elections, after he won you could hardly buy a box of ammo, so for contrast 2020 is likely going to be a pretty wild ride, 2021 will likely be a total famine for gun parts sellers if trump wins again, or a bust out sale followed by being shut down and sued out of existence... Either way 2020 and 2021 are going to be very unpleasant.
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    Arsenal SLR107-31 Folding Stock Pics when I pick it up.
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    Picked up a new range toy, PTR 9ct, which is an HK MP5 clone in 9mm. Already sent in an Efile Form 1 so I can put on a collapsible stock to give it the MP5A3 look. Doug
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    He was resorting to pawning people's guns and basically crashed and burned in regards to doing business. Apparently, he was not in good condition and may have died already. I doubt the company is still in business unless he made arrangements for someone else to take it over. I never was a fan of his snake oil parts (springs and guide rod). The factory stuff works fine if you know what you are doing, lol. He did have a few things that were cool and somewhat innovative long ago, magwell, etc. It still sucked to see him go out like that as he was once an asset to the community.