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    I can do pretty good drawings. I've studied it twice through the years. I've seen hilariously bad drawings, so I can only imagine what kind of stuff has been submitted to you. In most cases I would provide a prototype. It would probably be refreshing for your brother While I am here, thank you for the knowledge that you offer to the community here. I always learn something from you and I really appreciate it. I know I am not alone in that.
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    Depends what your looking for. If I can't do it, or I think I'll be too expensive I'll tell you.. I might have a suggestion for another shop or two depending on what the part is. I gave a price to a company back five months ago, and I felt like I was too high at first, but it was what I could do.. Well last week they came back and gave the green light for production, along with asking for quotes on three other parts.. So apparently I'm the cheapest option around for those parts... Surprised me. Asking is pretty cheap (free).. Just try to have a drawing in my hands so I know what I'm looking at, a pencil drawing on printer paper is OK it just needs to have dimensions on it otherwise my brother gets really pissy.. And if I know what price point your going for I can help cut costs or increase quality depending on the goal.
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