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  1. Stay far, far away from the Indian .308 stuff. Do a web search. Numerous reports (some with photos) of the dangers of this ammo. Ain't worth the "killer" deal it can be had at. Just not worth saving a couple cents per round. Not only dangerous to the shooter, pretty rough on firearms too. South African is a damn fine ammo, seems to be reappearing after becoming quite scarce for awhile.
  2. My 19" S-12 came with a cyl choke on the end. The only way I could tell was checking the markings with the info in the manual. C(0.0) are the markings on the outside of the choke tube.
  3. After the hunt pics are a great way to show the world what great looking animals they were, before the meal. I'd do it myself if I could get something worth showing off. And yes, there is a differnce between just dead animal pics and after the hunt pics.
  4. Mine is the 19" (2nd owner, LNIB) came with shotgun/1 choke tube installed/1 5 rnd mag/manual/oil bottle/cleaning kit.
  5. November 3rd, this time there will be no doubt as to Pres Bush being the winner.
  6. A rainy day (aka liquid sunshine here in western wa) is the best time to have the shooting spot in the woods all to yourself, seems to keep the fair weather shooters home or at the indoor ranges.
  7. Yes, sales of firearms (or anything that would require an FFL) is only between members. The $25 membership for the WAC is a good thing, free admission for all shows will more than make up for the cost of membership. When you go, save your ticket and turn it in with your application and your entrance fee will be subtracted from the membership price. I make all Puyallup shows and an occaisional Monroe show, if nothing else, it's always a good BS session with all the regulars. Lots more than just guns, plus, you never know what you'll find (trust me).
  8. Picked up a LNIB 19" last year at the WAC in Puyallup for $265, looked as it had never been fired and with all accessories and manual. Guess I just got lucky on that find. I have seen them at another table at the show in the $300 range NIB, can't remember what length.
  9. The Yugo SKS is a good looking and funtional weapon that needs no modifcations. As long as it is left in it's original configuration and all original parts, it is covered under C&R rules, no parts count applies.
  10. If she worked flawless before, hopefully its just something simple. Sounds as if something isn't quite put back where/way it should be. Take apart and put back together, double checking everything during disassembly and assembly. I'd be real careful about inserting live rounds until problem resolved.
  11. Mmmm, a Saiga 308 just might be on my list now, the reason I have not desired one was the mag issue. Now, with a realitively simple kit and all the G3 mags I have kicking around I'm starting to see one on the horizon. Keep us advised.
  12. Pam, you have graced us with your return. Unfortunatly, it sounds as though you have not learned anything, still. The reason why your sons will never touch a gun is their mother failed them, rather than teach them manly things, she has chosen to pussify them. Sad, so very sad. My dear, your sons will be the whipping posts in their school and any other activity that they will have to stand up to anything more than a beanie baby or teletubby. Honest citizens buy guns, criminals steal them. And if ever it becomes needed to defend your liberal ass, I promise not to help you with my "evil gun
  13. Big business + Big government = Elitist, do what ever they want. Their holding all the trump cards, always have...always will. Quoting GOB, "However we are WAY off topic.Read the koran-there is NOTHING about beheading or decapation-much less not getting into heaven if you are murdered that way." Yeah, we are way off topic. Check this out, wonder if he made it to meet up with Allah and clain his 72 virgins since he didn't get the kill before they got him. http://www.w00th4x0r.com/misc/iraqi_terrorist_shot.mpeg Hope it works, I am quite computer iliterate.
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