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  1. Where did you get the profile picture?

  2. The AKM4 is all steel and aluminum except for the M4 stock part. The plastic hinge version is the second type shown. They offer the standard M4 buffer tube(buy with a threaded tail cap) and an M4 telestock.I don't like their telestock so I would probably replace it with a Magpul or a VLTOR but their hinge is probably 2x as strong as the hinge on my Ace stock and it's a better design. The first one referenced in the video is the USAK (or UAS? you refer to by 2 different names), is that the metal one? Ah, going to the website answered my question. Is there any chance you will be offering
  3. The Saiga 308 has the hump on one side. The other calibers don't have it. The Vepr has it on both sides, in all calibers.
  4. I can't tell from the photo, and I don't know that part number. Who is the manufacturer of the broken magazine?
  5. Here is one that's been converted! 2100.oo!!! Maybe you could raise funds by auctioning lefty off on eBay? That's not a Super Vepr anymore. That is bullshit. They turned a nice rifle into an expensive pile of shit that looks like a cheap pile of shit. That's like buying a Ferrari and "improving" it by adding one of those ridiculous body kits you see on Honda Civics driven by 17 year olds. In fact, I'd like to personally bitch slap whoever was responsible for ruining that rifle. I agree, although a blanket party for them would be more fun. I gotta wonder - what did they
  6. Here is one that's been converted! 2100.oo!!! Maybe you could raise funds by auctioning lefty off on eBay?
  7. Yes, They do! I will get some more pics up. We just got back from shot and are getting caught up on our email Since you joined in '06, it seems obvious you've upgraded your original account to a business member. Do you mind if we know what name you used to go by? Just for the sake of clarity.
  8. I am surprised this worked. Thanks for the info.
  9. I don't think you can do it for legal reasons. I would consult someone in the know. It's my understanding, and I am no expert, that to convert any class 3 weapon requires filing the appropriate paperwork. Strictly speaking, it isn't a conversion, but a barrel extension. I dunno, class 3 stuff is interesting, but the paper work is burdensome. So far, I haven't been bitten by the bug. I was looking at one and I asked a similar question. The dealer said it was a no-no. Any legal experts out there? Ha ha.
  10. I want that hand guard. I haven't seen it before, I must have missed it. Is there a source for those?
  11. What kind of foldiing stock do you have?
  12. Be on the lookout for a trigger from a Saiga 308. No extra holes to drill, no extra linkage. You would just need the trigger guard. That would make your life alot easier.
  13. I think you may have missed the point. Rather than threading a trunnion, a person with the right machining skills could machine the receiver stub into a trunnion. Then the lowly kit builder could rivet it to a stamped receiver. Do you know anyone that has those kind of machining skills?
  14. Mine is .691 between the gas block and the FSB. Is that what you are looking for?
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