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  1. After reading this thread, I had to check my BR99 Zero gap, You hear the bolt lock when the piston is pushed fully home by the drive block. Zero braking parts. Lost count of how many 1000's of cartridges its done. Maybe I got one that was made wrong but works right. Can make a Utube vid to prove it, all original parts, no tinkering or mods.
  2. That could be one reason why we (UK) voted out of that EURO shit. Open borders to all ??????
  3. I'm totally confused reading all of this, Stop chasing your tail. The Magwell on the 433 & V12 are the same. V12 will work with 433 mags & V12 mags. 433 will NOT work with V12 mags. Because the mag catch is longer in the V12 as pointed out by HPD (above) I put a magwell on my early S12, Then converted SGM & AGP mags to work, even made a drum. No need to buy expensive Russian mags. Simple.
  4. Also doubles as a Heli Pad / spare truck tyre / trash can lid. I saw one flying over ROSWELL (spooky) Where can I get mag pouches ???? Remember me? Hi all.
  5. Never use lube on gas system, only on the working parts. Soldier basic rifle drill.
  6. This is what you could have if any company wanted to make them. A converted Max Rounds A converted MD20 And to prove my point I did one for a MKA1919 / BR99 4 x short old vids https://youtu.be/9LVnQT9v1NU
  7. grima

    1919 Issues...

    Well pointed out GUNFUN. I tried a MKA, CRAP I tried a BR99 ran 1oz all day from new, even tired 24g steel shot, no problem. I posted on this site & got shot to pieces. Why? T&N + Firebird Don't make parts for them or sell them. By the way my MKA / BR99 20rd DRUM is still working 100% Can't wait for the response.
  8. I made this 6 months ago https://youtu.be/Qbo7rhJ0qU8 Life is to short to wait
  9. It doesn't matter what model it is. If you are talking mags & drums, the only question is does it have a magwell. By that I mean a real Russian one not some after market thing. Any S12 R&L mag can be converted to work in the Russian magwell When you have converted the mags mate one with a drum. Simple
  10. grima

    BR99 Drum

    Thank You, Mr Hopkins. I should have it running 100% next time, "hopefully".
  11. grima

    BR99 Drum

    Test Firing BR99 Drum, http://youtu.be/I9tqxVx4OBg
  12. grima

    Mka drum

    How did the MD run in the MKA? That's what I used & It runs just fine, just need to do more field tests. Not a RK fan then.
  13. grima

    Mka drum

    The drum works,thanks
  14. grima

    Mka drum

    Finally got my sticky paws on a drum Fri - drum arrived Sat - converted drum for BR99 Sun - today test fire Here goes nothing,
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