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  1. seabass30

    Romanian Gas Block

    Thanks everyone for the info.
  2. seabass30

    Romanian Gas Block

    On the 7.62x39 saiga, what other gas block with a bayonet lug will fit?
  3. seabass30

    Romanian Gas Block

    Will a romanian gas block fit the saiga?
  4. seabass30

    Who has a 7.62x39 in stock?

    Looking for a 7.62x39 unconverted? Anyone know of some online?
  5. seabass30

    223 mags?

    on the bulgarian circle 10 mags, are you refering to the ak74 mags?
  6. would the smith vortex flash hider for an ak47 (14 x 1mm) work fine on the vepr 308?
  7. seabass30

    Flash Hiders

    Any suggestions for flash hiders?
  8. seabass30

    Lower Handguard?

    Any recommendations on a new lower handguard?
  9. seabass30

    Gas Tube

    Can you replace the upper gas tube with a standard ak gas tube on the version with the threaded and capped barrel? Thanks.
  10. seabass30

    Gas Tube Swap

    Is Dinzag the only option for installing s standard AK type upper gas tube? Can I purchase an ak47 or 74 and do it myself? Thanks. seabass
  11. seabass30

    Dimples or no Dimples

    How much magazine wobble is there with sure fire magazines and an undimpled receiver?
  12. seabass30

    in stock saiga 223?

    Anyone know where I can find a Saiga 223 with the short barrel in stock? Thanks