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  1. RS AKM 30mm mount, was installed on two different saiga's it is pinned to fit saiga rifles. $90 shipped. MI AK side mount $90 shipped.
  2. -4 Arsenal Bulgy 30rnd waffles w/ US floor plates and Followers in like new condition $100 -4 Surplus 30rnd metal mags $50 SPF -8 Master Molder 30rnd Mags $50 -2 Sagia factory mags, one 10rnd and one 5rnd $15 SPF
  3. Sweet rig, I will be sorry to see this rifle go. $850 Ace folding stock Krebs Safety G2 trigger Bullet guide CSS handguard Spikes Dynacomp Brake Krebs XS Front Tritium Post sight
  4. Shoots great, less than 1k rounds through it. G2 Trigger, genuine bulgy brake. $650 OBO. SPF
  5. Used Ultimak gas tube/scout rail -$65 shipped SOLD AK gas tube and handguard set -$30 (sold as package, gas is used but in good condition, the handguard top is a bulgy surplus and the bottom is new off a sagia 5.45) PP gift, no shipping outside CONUS.
  6. I just received two of the small versions of the AR forearms to go onto a 7.62x39 and 5.45x39 and as always the service was outstanding. Anyways when I installed them on both weapons the clamp that goes around the barrels does not clamp down tightly over either barrel. The forearm is pretty stout and seems nice and sturdy but there is a small amount of play at the barrel clamp, I'm wondering if this is normal and the way they are designed. I just wanna make sure that I didn't get the wrong size by mistake. It seems that as long as the back of the forearm stays put and does not work it'
  7. 2 used Ultimak gas tube/scout rails. $65 each shipped. Sold pending funds. 1 lightly used Ultimak 3 rail long version. $175 shipped. These are sweet if you want a picatinny rail on an AK. PP preferred, CONUS shipping and sales only. Cross posted on ar15
  8. Looking to purchase a stock saiga gas tube to go on a 5.45, if you have one and wanna sell it pm me please.
  9. SOLD WTS LaRue Tactical SPR-E LT139 30mm never been used/new in the bag. $180 or 5oz silver shipped. Trades considered cash or silver preferred. This is cross posted at ar15.com thanks for looking.
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