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  1. SAW your ancient post saying you had a 21" S308 barrel with low round count you would part with. Is that still a thing? If so I am interested.    Rick Gunther  racerracer@buckeye-express.com    419 345 0060

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      SOPMOD last visited the site in 2012.

  2. That looks awesome with the plum furniture Jim!
  3. My Surefire X300 is so nice I gave my TLR-1 away and plan to buy another X300. The beam quality, method of attachment all superior. I wish the TLRs could compete because I have a buddy who can get them wholesale but the Surefire is just better.
  4. Gee,being from the only Jewish family in my area I got bullied by older kids a lot when I was a kid so I learned to fight really well and spent one summer taking them down one by one until I was considered one of the toughest kids in school. I never thought about stabbing any of them even when a couple of them had me on the ground stomping me stupid. I never ratted them out to the school or the cops, I never had a doubt in my mind that if I kept training and going to the gym that I wasn't going to get some paypack. I think I am a stronger person mentally because I endured it and then overcame
  5. No such thing as an "Illegal Gun" all forms of gun restriction are an infringement of the Highest Law in the Land but Embezzlement from two previous employers on the other hand is a serious offense. Straight to jail with you Mark Donutburger!
  6. If the FBI manufactures terrorists and supplies them with equipment and training only to bust them and parade them around on the news then why not manufacture cyber-terrorists as well?
  7. Full of fail! Could have made a 60-70rd mag that would fit in an AK double mag pouch but made these pud things instead. Top that off with the fact that they probably skimped on the metal in the front catch and feed lips and you have an expensive piece of failure prone baloney. I will stick with my Circle 10 Waffles and Milsurp Steel until further notice. Oh and that takedown AK using interrupted threads instead of a camming pin like a belt-fed would is another poor execution of a decent idea. The problem seems to be that they take other people's ideas and then make the short bus version an
  8. 150,000,000 people don't want it but the only reason Obama might veto it is because it's an election year. Too bad nobody got this hot and bothered about the Patriot Act or NDAA isn't it?
  9. I have been searched twice when I was younger and one of those times they damaged my car, found nothing and didn't apologize or even bat an eyelash at damaging the interior of my $40,000 SUV. I didn't know I had the right to tell them they needed to get a warrant. Now I am fully ready to make them demonstrate PC, get a warrant and litigate them for damages to my property and even keep a lawyer on retainer for just that purpose. I sometimes hope I will get pulled over so I can fire it up on them and give them a good bending over when they find NOTHING. This happens every day in every jurisdicti
  10. ...hence my car! Having owned 4 new GM products I can say I am truly sorry for you and the lesson you are about to learn being a GM owner. Other than a Corvette meant to take up space in your garage there is no reason to buy a new GM car other than to throw bales of money into a drainage culvert and watch it float away.
  11. I could stick a Cummins 4BT and an Eaton 6speed in a 1969 Lincoln Continental with a tall rearend and beat every combustion engine vehicle sold int he USA for milage and durability.
  12. That's not "Mall Ninja" anymore, it's not Coyote Brown and it has no molle pouches. They are behind the times
  13. After doing a cost/benefit analysis of a semi truck vs any automobile ever made I am convinced that all automobiles are intentionally made to be disposable garbage. Not just newer cars full of gizmos and plastic but even cars that have a beloved reputation and a cult following for their "durability" like Toyota Landcruisers(which I have owned). Here is why. a $98,000, 21,000lb Semi truck can be driven without a trailer, this is called "Bobtailing" and in that state these 21,000lb behemoths of the road can get 8-10MPG and without the massive weight and strain of a 50,000lb trailer behind it
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