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  1. chucku fast payment and FFL letters, not a tirekicker but a real buyer.
  2. PC problems again IM me on the board Chuck like i first asked. Saiga will ship Thursday on my day off. i just cashed the MO. thanks and enjoy
  3. new out of wrap saiga 12 5 round mags $23 shipped each 65 shipped for all 3
  4. exc shot only 100 rounds thru. 1 5 round mag and cleaning kit $200 shipped to your FFL 22 " full choke rifle sights no BHO
  5. rifle is packaged up and sold to chucku thanks and enjoy
  6. no the barrel is stock mideast IA silvertip9mm@aol.com
  7. before i chopped this one down I used it on clays and your right when i hit em they would just burst. The Saiag takes some getting used to IMO since the gas system is on top instead of on bottom.
  8. my personal best 20 inch chopped full with 1oz Win superX game loads. Anyone use there saiga for trap?
  9. in Iowa but can ship very good condition WASR10 hi cap with kvar stocks 1 40 round steel mag and two 30rd waffle mags $275 shipped
  10. WASR10 with K-var stock set and 2 bulr. waffle mags and one 40 rd romak mag. Want to trade for conversion work on my Saiga 12
  11. I have two Siaga 12s one has about 250 rounds of 00 buck the other gun has abouty 3000 rounds of 1oz and 1 1/8oz Target loads and only a few jams were with the Alum. base 1 oz. loads about 3 jams in 700 rounds of this ammo. Other than that no jams at all with brass base loads.
  12. ok but is there anyone that wants to make some money? will trade a WSAR10 hicap for the conversion of one of my Saigas
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