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  1. Congrats on joining the S12 tribe. Here's the correct front latch for the S12 http://ak-builder.com/index.php?dispatch=products.view&product_id=30057 Curtis at AK-builder also has rivets and most anything else needed usually. That front latch needs to be precise so I suggest you take the time to search this site for instructional threads. There should be a diagram with precise measurements posted in at least one thread here as I recall. The Russian/Bulgy triangle folding stock is possibly the single most identifiable AK item. It is however, designed for the rifles and krinks (SBR). Looking through this site, you'll find a few pictures of folks who installed a triangle on their S12. More power to them but that's way too much abuse on my shoulder. There are a couple diff recoil pads made for the triangle but I'd consider the solid black poly AK100 folding stock. Just make sure to get everything in the same pin size, either 4.5mm or 5.5mm. ...and remember that these are "foreign" parts which add up on the 922r total. Best of luck Harv
  2. Ill take the pair for $150 shipped Just give me payment details - I can do whatever method you like Harv
  3. Very unique, seldom seen, carry sleeves made for the Saiga rifles & shotgun(I presume). I havent seen any others since I obtained these so they must be rather scarce. They have some neat features and I've included several pictures to try and give you a closer look. These have a pleather type exterior which looks really sharp when wiped down with a leather/vinyl product. It has the typical Russian style leather straps/buckles, heavy duty stitching throughout, and well made sturdy carry handle, with 2 metal loops for using any carry strap of your choosing. With the opened flap you can see it has a soft cotton type fabric interior. There is also an interior slot for the AK cleaning kit - you can see the stitched outline of it on the outside. Also, look close again and you can see the outline of where they stitched in a carry slot for a long cleaning rod. If you're into Saiga weapons or been bitten by the AK/Saiga bug, these authentic carry sleeves would be a great addition to your collection. Price per sleeve is $52 + $13 Flat Rate Priority CONUS. $65 total Black or tan - 1st "I'll take it" gets their choice. Insurance extra - @ your cost. I will accept USPS Money order or PayPal "IF" you understand the Family/Friends option with "NO Gun Words" routine. Please post "I'll take it" in the thread, then send me a message listing the item(s), method of payment, and your shipping address Please feel free to send any questions you may have.
  4. Without debating specific components.. I don't see how anyone who has checked out all the incredibly gorgeous AND unique Saigas that Ray has designed and built for himself could suggest or dismiss him as just a copycat. Harv
  5. I would acknowledge the possibility that PM's may still go down some more but I dont think you'll lose too much making purchases before it gets to the absolute bottom. The rebound is going to shoot pass you either way I believe. No sense being greedy & waiting and then have the run start while you're off fishing in the boonies I dont think the Gov't will ever try to pull in privately held silver. Its way too bulky/heavy to handle in comparison to its value. They did issue a call for gold but Ive never really heard from people who actually gave it back? Also, I believe there was a "loophole?" saying you could keep personal jewelry. I think one of those nice western belts with the conchos would look good replaced by Krugerrands! Harv
  6. I'm kinda surprised the OP didnt get more feedback. With the latest barrel ban Saiga's are the source now for those wanting a genuine Russian barrel. The few Saiga's floating around with the extra "Y" stamp offer a base from which someone can create a fantastic AK103/AK104 clone. Perhaps the collector type aficionados are off discussing russian minutiae elsewhere :-) Cheers Harv
  7. Maybe a little confusing yes I'll add a little something that may also be confusing or seem unrelated to some, but I believe it sort of connects a dot with ATF and DOJ/Holder/Obama. Over the weekend I heard the NFL had hired a former head of the ATF for some sort of league position dealing with players discipline, legal problems. This would help insulate Commissioner Goodell from having to announce player punishments etc. Anyway..., I had not heard of any changes at ATF and just forgot about it. This AM I was reading a blog by Weaponsman which is mostly about unique military weapons, etc. Often kinda boring & I flip,past it. Today he has article about the departure of Byron T Jones from ATF. Turns out that Jones was the head of ATF and he slipped in his resignation late Friday after most all the news headlines had been written. The article noted how Jones had gone after any agents who didnt play along with the hard left actions the ATF was involved in. That morale was bad and several predicted Jones would be gone soon. Word is that besides ATF having to back track on the green tip ammo ban, judges were complaining about ATF & certain agents testimonies in various cases. This on top of earlier ATF screwups like Fast/Furious. With Holder no longer in position to support Jones and prop him up, he decided to get out before the SreallyHTF. Its hard telling what kind of mess is gonna be uncovered at ATF. Safe to say that it should end up revealing more about how Obama and his cohorts have been illegally using gov't agencies to further undermine our country. Hope I didnt side track the OP's posting. I felt this was related Harv
  8. I buy from SG as well. All good in my experience. As far as posting a qty available for sale, I wouldnt show every last unit I had in inventory. Gives competitors a pretty good idea on your supplier(s), $'s sitting in inventory, and if [0] now the competitors may feel safe raising prices on us. Do want more GT though Harv
  9. I always thought it was a more or less a copy of the DPH aluminum stock http://www.carolinashooterssupply.com/product_p/dph-stk.htm Harv
  10. Yep stated above, they came in with company called Kalashnikov USA which I presume just never got established well enough and then seemed to dissappear. The slings show up very infrequently on the gun websites and indeed there was an offering on Ebay or gunbroker or somewhere where I bought a small number of them quite a few years ago. I searched extensively using all the info I could find from my purchase, related paperwork and financial details. Later I sent multiplle emails to all the names I could locate but got no responses. I believe the $50 sale you located may have been mine. I feel that as well made as these slings are and the harder they are to obtain, they are well worth at least $50. Others may think Im nuts. I figure I'll just hang on to the couple I have until I get an offer I cant refuse. RELATED: I just recieved an emailing on a new Larry Vickers AK sling that is designed like a standard mustard/tan? canvas sling with his modern features aqdded to it. Very nice looking IMHO and his usual low pricing ....$60 cough, cough Best of luck Harv
  11. Not sure about OP above, but the 308 is suppsed to be a completely different trigger group. Harv
  12. G.Suarez put a lower Ultimak tri-rail on a 308 Saiga a few years back. As I recall, they just used longer screws to mount it. Soon thereafter he dropped his experimenting with the "Saiganov" for some other platform and I believe he listed the Saiga for sale on his website. You might try searching on that forum for the initial discussion and/or who purchased Best of luck Harv
  13. Just curious whether these various buisness's have been, or may be effected by the government's Operation Choke Point? Obama & friends designed it to have banks eliminate loans/services to long time customers and refuse new individuals/businesses any loans, banking services, accounts, etc. if they are involved with "inappropriate or targeted"[my words] products or services. There was an initial mention of targeting Pay Day Lenders (which I despise as well - though thats a seperate issue) but the real target has shown to be gun related places. Perhaps the necessary equipment/machinery was largely in place already, being used for other tasks, and/or just hasnt drawn the government's focus. Even if someone has deep enough pockets to not need loans, they can still use the banks as the hammer to shut down places they find "objectionable". Harv
  14. Good topic for evereyone. Just a FWIW - the billionaire buying the NBA Clippers has/or is putting his money into Bloomberg's antigun efforts. OP and others have done a good job beginning to list our enemies deserving of a boycott IMO, but there is another area that anti-gun policies need to be addressed headon - as quickly as possible and by as many individuals as possible. Im posting a link that describes how "Operation Choke Point" by Obama and his sadly named "Justice Department" are causing bank after bank to just up and close the accounts of successful businesses with excellent histories, scandal free, conducting perfectly legitimate and 100% legal transactions because Obama's crew considers these businesses to be "objectionable" in their eyes! How can this be you ask? This Operation Choke Point is aimed at those selling ammo, dealing in coins, pharmacuetical drugs, of homes based charities, as well as those short-term lenders (I'm not a fan of those payday lenders, etc. either but thats another discussion). The Gov't is telling banks to quit providing services to these type places or they will come in and "examine" their records duie to engaging with "risky" customers. ...ie., harass the banks and/or close them down. http://dailysignal.com/2014/08/12/meet-four-business-owners-squeezed-by-operation-choke-point/ The one guy went public and had hundreds of his customers close their personal accounts at that bank. Of course Chase is mentioned most often, but I suppose it could occur at just about any bank. Even though the banks themselves did not initiate these action, it looks like the only option we have for voicing our contempt at Obama is to very publicly pressure the banks by closing all of our accounts and withdrawing all monnies in these banks Harv
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