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  1. I just got my NcStar 308 speed loader and after doing some easy modifications in less than an hour I can now use it on my FBMG (now Uintas) mags, my CSSPECS mag and my SGM Tactical (was Surefire) mags. This is not just a thumb saver but a speed loader in the true sense of the word. I bought mine at KeepShooting and have now ordered a box of 20 stripper clips. The price for both is very good. Great product. Be sure to do your due diligence but I cut off 3/8" of the bottom and then cut a 1/2" square in the front to allow for the magazine latch. I used a dremel but a hacksaw blade would
  2. Thanks for the info.; the less work done the better. However, I am tempted to polish the top of it. It seems that it would make its travel smoother. But I will just smooth the sharp edges first and see how that improves the situation whle dryfiring. I can always do a little more incrementally. I'll be using the gunsmith's neglected friend - whiteout, to help see the points of contact. Is there some more info. you can provide as to why you advise not disturbing the face or top of this 3rd lug bump? Thanks again for all the replies.
  3. Yea, I read that post too but I don't think that can be true because the cartridge is dented before it's fired and is "sized" out when fired. I'll bet many Saiga owner's are unaware they have this problem. I've had my Saiga for a few years now and I'm just now really looking in to it.
  4. S5snake, Yes and I had read your post earlier. Thanks for a damn good post, thread and first rate photos. My dents are more like deep scratches but there's been a couple I had to throw away - and that's dryfiring by hand. The real test I have not done yet is to actually fire the top round (right side of the magazine) and eject the second one to inspect. I'm thinking that hump your photos point to is the one to carefully file sharp back edges and corners smooth and polish like liquid chrome. I'm also thinking the purpose of this hump is to protect the 3rd (extra) bolt lug. I'm looking f
  5. Hi guys, Long time no see. I recently got wind of an explanation of why I sometimes see my cartridge shoulders dented. I think I'm headed toward filing and polishing some of the hump on the extra 3rd bolt lug. I've read as much as I could find here and elsewhere online. I'd like to know what the purpose of that hump is. I think the answer is that it's there to absorb the repeated hits from the next cartridge in the mag, protecting the bolt lug from being hit instead. Am I missing something? I would like ya'll's thoughts on this.
  6. Here's a link to yet another complaint. Sadly, my link to the AR-15 forum has been archived and instead of the 8 complaints with responses you get one complaint. To search AR-15.com's forum archives you have to now be a paying member.
  7. I'd add the link copied below to my previous Fred M14 post but some blind devotees of Fred's M14 kidnapped my topic. You may want to look at it and read the start of the topic and get details of my complaint and links to other complaints. Be careful ordering from 'Fred's M14 Stocks'. Here's a link to a post on a different forum of a complaint very similar to mine but worse. Fred, or whatever his name really is, and his wife need to get out of the selling business.
  8. A sales clerk at Sportsman's Warehouse was very happy with his Vortex Strikefire. They also carry them so I went down to take a look (btw you can also buy them online from Primary Arms). The pleasant surprise was that the focusing ring on the doubler that's included in the purchase of the Strikefire does sharpen the Dot. Without this feature I see a little bunch of grapes for a dot; with the doubler screwed in and the focusing ring turned all the way out the dot is sharp! I have not found anyone else with a focusing eyebell. Impressive. Optics Planet shows a Strikefire model review of
  9. ■ Unlike Airsoft red dots the LED is firmly attached to hold zero under live fire ■ Please note that there are a few degrees of cant inherent in the design of the rotating drum that produces the multi reticles. It is noticeable with the cross hair. I've got emails into Primary Arms asking about these 2 specs of their M3. Anyone had issues with these 2? How is the LED attached - what makes it secure? Does Cant mean that the cross hairs on that particular reticle are noticeably not properly aligned vertically/horizontally? I like this multiple reticule feature of the M3 - if they're goo
  10. I spoke by phone yesterday with a sales clerk at Sportsman's Warehouse who is very happy with his Vortex but they're well over $100. Both red dots have good reviews.
  11. Man, thanks to SpetsnazGRU for the search advice. I used it and brought up all kinds of stuff - and I'm still not done! Yea, there's plenty of Red Dot stuff in just this Saiga Forum. Sometimes you just have to be slapped in face with the obvious . . . Thanks also to Jim Digriz for the recommendation on Primary Arms MicroDot. I must have visited their website well over 10 times and have sent them 3 emails. They replied to the one I sent yesterday. I like the PA Micro alot. Watched the Utube video where a madman repeatedly drops his on the ground and throws it around to prove how hardy i
  12. Thanks guys, I'll check out the less expensive recommendations. I should have pointed out that I can't spend more on my first red dot than I've spent for my Saiga 308 including conversion and upgrades. That eliminates Aimpoint and Eotech and some others! The google search recommendation is very good and appreciated. That's the way I'm going to forum-search from now on! Cheaperthandirt has a good list of reflex sights with convenient reviews. Very helpful but the bottom line is with 308 recoil cheaper is not better, unfortunately. It's tough finding affordable and durable unless you
  13. I'm thinking of getting a red dot sight for my Saiga-308. I did a search for "Red Dot" but no results (even though I found a topic title later under search results for "sights" that had "Red Dot"in it! - what's up with that?) Anyway what do you guys have or recommend?
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