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    bolt replacement & headspace

    I ordered a complete spare bolt from Tanta for my S12. Does headspace need to be checked if I were to swap bolts? I know it would with a regular centerfire AK but what about a shotgun? Thanks, Ed
  2. edgo

    us manufatured 8 rd saigia mags

    I'm interested. Ed
  3. edgo

    Bulgarian trigger gaurd.

    I used the Bulgie guard and bolted it on using just two of the holes, not four. I used small nuts and bolts with lock washers. It's held up through about 300 rounds so far. I didn't cut anything off of it either. I think I going to put an extension on the stock mag catch to make removing the mag easier but I haven't gotten that far yet. Ed
  4. edgo

    Recoil....is it really this bad?

    For kicks I put a couple of Remington Duplex 3 inch turkey loads through. I'm 6'2", 190 and it almost jumped out of my hands. There is no way I'd put it up on my shoulder. I think it could break a collarbone. Ed
  5. edgo

    Recoil....is it really this bad?

    My converted 12 tis very manageable. I've been looking forward to letting my wife try it out. Ed
  6. edgo

    EAA rant, with a question for everyone...

    My question is this, has anyone had a part actually break on their Saiga shotgun? What spare parts should I have? Probably just a firing pin, right? Ed
  7. So for a Thanksgiving event I take my little brother, my Saiga 12 and 100 clay birds to the range. Bro hasn't fired a gun in a year and a half and he doesn't own a firearm. I let him fire a round to see how it feels then I load up the thrower and he hits ten in a row. Pretty dang impressive. So when it is my turn I do the same thing. The Saiga really kicks butt. It is easy to find the target and the gun is easy to position. We shreded the clay bird box with some buckshot and went home and enjoyed some turkey. Ed
  8. edgo


    #5 for me. Ed
  9. edgo

    What's up with this ad?

    How do we know it wasn't converted just as we do it and then marked up to make a buck? Looks like any old Saiga to me. Ed
  10. edgo

    Got my Saiga 12 and no PARTS!

    www.copesdist.com has the Tapco trigger parts. He ships fast too. Got mine in a couple of days. Ed
  11. edgo

    Another PG conv. C/W

    Does the Saiga 12 have the original military trigger cutout under the bottom plate? Ed