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  1. Thanks for answering those questions! So I do have a 92FS that I could use instead of the 1911, would be a bit cheaper too so I may consider using that. As far as the Saiga goes those videos make it look like a tame shotgun, but mine sure is not with standard Federal target loads. Do you guys reload extra light loads? I do have that option but would have to deal with getting the gun to run it. Any my last question, how does those mag clips attach to the mag? Super excited after watching those videos!
  2. I am going to take the plunge and try a 3-gun competition at the end of this month, I want to come prepared and have a few questions. 1. My first and biggest issue is carrying mags, both for the AR and the Saiga, how do you guys do it? Is throwing them in cargo pockets acceptable? Are the stages generally setup in such a manner that reloads are minimal as to not have to carry tons of mags/ammo? 2. Is running a single stack 1911 going to be a problem in this type of competition? I got owned at the first steel shoot I went to because I didn't have a double stack with 10 magazines around my waist, do not want a repeat. 3. With regards to carrying ammo, does anyone use an empty plate carrier type vest to carry mags? Any other tips before showing up for the first time, especially with regards to the Saiga? Thanks!
  3. Nice, that would do perfectly as I did find the stock a little too short for me too. Do you happen to know where can I find one to purchase?
  4. Are there any aftermarket recoil absorbing butt pads for the Warsaw stock available? The stock in standard form is pretty painful to shoot, call me a sissy but after 10 rounds I was done and my shoulder still hurts.
  5. kbahus

    What's Wrong Here?

    This is what I was hoping the problem was, just wanted to make sure there was not some underlying issue.
  6. So I went to drop in a new gas puck and found it fairly difficult to remove the plug and when I went to re-install it I could definitely tell something was up. Looks like the plug might be slightly oversized causing it to fowl the barrel. Is this common or is there something else wrong here? Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  7. Stopped by my local Walmart to grab a box of Federal bulk 12 gauge and some .22 if they happened to have it so I could go out next weekend. The shelves were nearly completely cleared out except for .17, .25, .300, 30-06, .270, 410 and 20 gauge. There was nothing else, absolutely nothing.
  8. Great pic! Looks like you notched it to help keep that spring in place too?
  9. Good call on installing it with one pin and marking it, I will go that route and use the pic to make sure it looks similar. Nice to see another northern Coloradoan here too!
  10. Thanks for the pic, I can use either the shepard's hook that came with my Tromix fcg or e-clips that I also have. Definitely will not be using any aftermarket plates. Just looking for the easiest option really.
  11. Does anyone have some good pics on what a properly modified bho lever looks like? I plan on using e-clips to hold in my pins but I think I still have to modify the bho, is this correct?
  12. Did you have to modify the sks handuard to fit or did it drop right in? Is it secure? Looks great!
  13. Well crap, CSS closed their web store today. There are quite a few Bulgarian wood stocks out there, would one of these be good to go?
  14. Does this include ak74 stocks or factory folding variety ak47 stocks like the wire fold models? Not really up to speed on ak stuff, looks like there are a lot of stock variations out there.
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