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  1. first off..yes , saigas have a fixed or detachable choke..lol...sorry..the threaded models are detachable , the others are not , regardless ....it is not certain if the chokes are considered muzzle devices , but i would bet on them being considered so , just to be safe...and , actually , it is best if you have absolutely NO choke if you want to shoot slugs ...this is a subject of some protracted debate on this forum , but , you CAN shoot slugs thru a choke although its not recommended by some...again..best bet , if you want to shoot slugs , dont get a fixed full choke model , its always good t
  2. hey..at least its in english...ive been trying to interpret the one that came with my gun for at least 6 months now...lol...luckily these things aint exactly rubics cubes..
  3. true the 89 ban will not expire , but we can get around that by using the parts count rule ( no more than 10 of a selected list of foriegn made parts )..fortunately 3 of the parts in that list are included in the magazine...if you can get a manufacturer in the US to make an 8 or 10 round mag we will all be VERY happy people...
  4. hi AKATTACK , yes the threaded barrel has external threads ( i have the model you mentioned you are interested in )..CDNN has a variety of chokes available for the Saigas , and MAKC was able to sell me a muzzle brake from his website..for the price i would recommend a Blackjack recoil buffer as well...there are also a couple of members of this forum who have been working on producing their own brakes for sale , but i am not up to date on the status of their project ( check thru the threads , they have posted pics and info in this forum )..K-Var and Red Star Arms are a couple of good AK parts s
  5. sure would be nice if we could find a U.S. manufacturer for the mags...that would account for 3 parts off the "imported parts" list...then with a U.S. made FCG , grip and stock we would have more U.S. parts than we need..by my count we will still need either a U.S. made piston or handguard otherwise and i havent seen either of those parts for sale for the s-12 anywhere ...
  6. Silverfox

    Russian Bear

    when i got mine i found a swiss army knife in the package...woulda been cool to get the magnet though..lol...(s-12 , 19in.-thread barrel , stamped 2000 & has the bolt hold-open , from CDNN )
  7. the gun you are talking about is a Saiga-12C..untill the ban sunset it is a LE only gun..but i expect that it will become available to the rest of us after sept 2004...there are several companies that do the pistol grip conversions on Saiga rifles and i would expect that they will be converting the shotguns after sept as well..there are also several companies that sell US made parts , in case you would like to do the work yourself...take a look around in the forum , you will find some of them mentioned there and some opinions of their work...luckily the Saigas use basically the same parts as A
  8. that would be the first time i had ever heard of anyone ever returning one actually...i have never heard of anyone who has..i have never had any real problems with mine , i love it , money well spent ...
  9. Bush gets my vote this term...if for no other reason than he has shown the world he can take decisive action and keep a commitment and has made the rest of the world respect America again..they may not like us much right now , but they now know they best not screw with us too much...you all have brought up some good points on pros and cons of either candidate , and you all have good points , but i dont think we are actually voting for just one man , we are voting for his cabinet and the people he brings to washington with him...Bush has one hell of a team , Cheney , Rumsfeld , Rice , Powell ,
  10. i THINK that the launcher would put this in the "destructive device" catagory.. i know that it is considered one with the 40mm launchers ..im not sure if they specify a size or not..but i would bet they dont...i think it just says gernade launcher ...
  11. yea Ned..im still in shock over the '94 AWB...lol....i thought an assault weapon was a gun that had a firing mode selector and was capable of full-auto firing....how an gun can be called an assault weapon because it has a pistol grip or folding stock is pure political bull squeezins , and how they slipped the AWB by us was a bold faced lie...in fact , the ban does not include anything about "assault weapons", so the title itself is a lie....as far as im concerned , a semi-auto is a semi-auto , no matter how you dress it..and a pistol grip and folding stock isnt goin to make the thing more or l
  12. i just downloaded the new CDNN catalog ...i was still looking at the old one (2003)..yea it seems that the 19in model didnt make this years catalog , you might want to give em a call at their toll free number and check on that..they are the ones who sold me my 19in model last year ( it was priced at $260 ), so i know they at least HAD them....there are of course other places to find one , but they (CDNN) had the best price i could find ...hopefully they just didnt include em in the catalog , but still stock them...EAA lists em at approx. $440 for the 19in., at that rate id just buy one from a
  13. np man...anytime...welcome to the forum....and just in case you arent aware of this , these things DO take common AK parts...come October 2004 you may wanna have a few bucks stashed away...lol...
  14. one thing that worked for me was i told her she could shoot it..when she complained that a 12ga. kicks too much , i filled her in on the lessened recoil from a semi-auto and promised that i would buy a recoil buffer , muzzle brake , etc., would you believe she went for it ?!..and actually helped me pay for the brake , because the gun was so inexpensive compared to all the other guns i showed her the prices of. ..lol...only problem is now i have to get another one for me!..lol...it is wise to use shopping sense to convince a woman you are getting a bargain , they seem to have an instinctual
  15. as far as i know , all saiga 12's and .410's will take both 2 3/4 and 3in. length shells ( and has an adjustable gas chamber to compensate recoil for each size ) ..i think just the 20ga. model is limited to 2 3/4in. shells only....the chamber spec. is located on the receiver body..between the rivets between the magazine well and the ejection port , below the charging handle....mine is stamped 12x76 18,3 ... the 12x76 meaning 12ga.x76mm , or , 3 in. ...(apparently they round down from 76.2mm)... not sure what the 18,3 signifies...with the 12ga. you can use OR MIX shells of different lengths
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