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  1. I ordered spare 5 rnd mags a week ago (they arrived in 3 days btw) at that time they told me the 8 round mag had been ditched, and 10 rounders will be out in October fwiw
  2. by mag dump I mean it finally cycles a whole 5 rounds a bolt spring is what they installed inside the carrier , behind the bolt , they felt it was needed to replace friction that was lost when they eliminated the gas rings found on the original AR direct impingment design no plans to chop the barrel at this time sorry I live 52 miles west of Garden City, as far from Wichita as you can get and still be in Kansas LOL EVLBLKWPNZ, do you think a VERP 25 round drum can be made to fit the XTR?
  3. Just thought I would share my 1st impressions of my new UTAS XTR , first 50 rounds , a mix of rem 00 win 00 mil. and win super X 00 as well as low brass 7 shot was a disaster every stoppage type you can imagine , failure to feed, failure to fire , failure to eject, bolt over base , you name it, so I went back looked for burrs, sharp edges, found a few stoned them smooth , went for round 2 , still a jammamatic, decided the firing pin spring was the culprit, removed it and was rewarded with a mag dump of 6 shot low brass, but high brass 4 shot still jammed, after a bit of serious thought , it o
  4. I have decided to part with 1 of my FBMG 20 round magazine bodies- used not abused, worked well, just dont shoot 308 much anymore, price is $30.00 shipped O.B.O. payment by postal money order thanks for looking- my e-mail is : hktome2003@(remove)yahoo.com take out the"remove" when contacting me,Tom
  5. thanks for contributing DistalRadius very cool ! this forum is just priceless
  6. I also found an old maddi type ribbed cover with an out-of -spec rail weldded to it, dremmeled the ejection port to match the factory dimensions, trimmed a small amount on the front edge.....WALLA! now I can mount my night vision monocular on it to co-whitness with my EOTECH 552 works well-IMHO
  7. you all would not believe how much flack I caught in the mid 90s for putting one on a chi com underfolder!! -the "it has to look issue only" crowd -I for one love all the variations out there now!
  8. personally I have been cutting 3/8 " inch thick truck mud flaps up and glueing bumpers to the floor plates of my AGP mags then bevelling the edges at 45 degrees, and using a 1/2" diameter conduit section ground to a sharp edge , cutting /punching a hole to allow access to the floorplate retaining plunger(before attachment to the floor plates of course, but the bed liner is intriging ... wally world sells it in spray cans...hhhmmm?
  9. WOW !! I want !! was just about to buy an ace" cut that tang "adapter- adding the old trigger holes to yours is a big plus IMO!- 12 gauge is hell on everything , including blue loctite! you guys are on my watch list -very innovative
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