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    I had that entirely too many times when I went to the summer program at the University of Strasbourg. It may have been nasty because it was cafeteria food, but I have no intention of willingly eating it in the future. bleh.
  2. jhereg

    US Made Barrels

    There is a thread on ar15.com where a company has tooled (or is tooling up) to make them. Here it is Thread on ar15.com about US AK barrels
  3. Are you talking about a fake suppressor which is bored through just large enough t othread on the barrel, or one that is hollow? It was my understanding the the solid aluminum ones w/ a hole bored through are legal w/o issues, but the other ones can get you in trouble. Am I misunderstanding something here?
  4. jhereg

    If you're on the Tromix "List" Send in your gun now.

    I'm not on the list but I have a Saiga 12 sitting here waiting for a conversion to a 12" SBS. There's no reason to run out of work.
  5. Be careful what you wish for. Demand could stay high, but if they can't import them there might not be any to convert. I could see Obama cutting off all AK imports with an executive order.
  6. That sounds like a slippery slope. Wouldn't simply keeping a shotgun and a hacksaw under the same roof constitute intent to manufacture? So if I sell the bolt to my friend in the shop for a dollar then do the barrel work, attach the break, pin/weld it on then buy the bolt back I'm good to go right? During that time I never own a "Combination of parts from witch an SBS cab be assembled." I don't claim to be an expert on this subject, but the only way I can see for a non SOT to do this would be to remove the barrel from the shotgun, and then give the receiver (& any other guns which the bbl would fit) to someone who will possess it & not give you access while you are cutting/permanently attaching the muzzle device. Once you are done w/ the bbl, get the receiver back & put everything back together. I *THINK* this should be legal. You would never posess the receiver & bbl at the same time. I don't think just pulling the bolt would be enough. (In a rational world it would be, but our laws & enforcement are not rational IMO.)
  7. I wouldn't like ones w/o the buffer tube. I don't care how they look. I care how they shoot. If you get rid of the receiver extension, you get rid of a lot of the reason for an AR15 pistol IMO. I can shoot an AR15 pistol as well as a rifle for CQB uses. It's just more uncomfortable & can't have a stock or pistol grip. An 11.5" pistol makes a great travelling companion.
  8. :lolol: :lolol: Funny but true, very true! The bubba answer I've seen on AR15.com is to fix it w/ JBWeld, then duracoat the whole receiver. Nobody should be able to tell you broke/fixed it. You have wanted to paint an AR haven't you!?!
  9. JB weld it to look good. The trigger guard ears aren't really that important for strength or function. Any triggerguard will stay put with the pin on only one ear, but if you want to be sure, get the Magpul MIAD grip full kit. It includes the front stap with the built-in trigger guard. I am actually using one on an S308 build right now! Yeah! I'll try that and if it doesnt work the way I'd like to to look then I'll just take a freak'n band saw to the bastard!! The MIAD would look REALLY NICE on the SBR though.....Hmmmmmm? Don't take a bandsaw to it. Either give it to someone who can fix it/live with it, or put it in the back of your safe. It won't eat anything there, and you may run across a way to fix it. I have heard of people fixing them w/ JB Weld or welding them.
  10. I had to get in the gun safe for another reason today so I decided to take a family picture. btw, one of them isn't a pistol. There's a SBR in the picture too.
  11. Lol, that's cruel. I couldn't stand the temptation. "here, you can own the toy of your dreams but oh, don't use it" I could stand it. I work for a C3 dealer/range. If I could buy cheap, functional machineguns, I would make sure they were checked out by a gunsmith on a regular basis.
  12. I think I'd want to be a gunsmith then. What's it take to legally be a gunsmith so you can shoot your full auto toys?
  13. Can you not shoot them at all, or not shoot them in the auto setting? Of course, if you can own them and can own suppressors there might be a way around the problem... What's the penalty if you legally own one & get caught shooting it?
  14. jhereg

    Anyone just leave off their buttstock?

    It's easy enough to follow the law in this regard. I make sure it's of legal length, or make sure I have the proper paperwork *before* I make it into a NFA weapon. The odds of getting caught for it are fairly low. If you get caught, the odds of them doing anything about it beyond confiscating the weapon may be low depending on your location. The consequences if you get caught, prosecuted, and convicted is severe. I have absolutely *NO* desire to be a felon, so I try to be informed & avoid even the appearance of impropriety. I don't care if other people do it. I won't inform on someone, but I resist the temptation to play w/ toys I don't have the paperwork for.