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  1. Anybody there Friday for the explosion where the guys got hit? The blond head you see the top of is my son, they were about 3 feet from the guy who lost a chunk of his arm.
  2. Mine is EV-2364. I wonder if that actually means anything? Some did order more than one.
  3. I wonder if there is some way to determine what your number in "line" is? Now that Mike is giving weekly updates, it should be possible to keep a rough track of how many he has shipped at a particular time.
  4. Those pins pop out easily with a hammer and punch. No drilling required. The beveled pins that leave the holes you have to fill? You punched them out, with no drilling? Can I see a pic of the holes it left? I drilled off the beveled shoulders and tapped them out. Unless your gun was different from mine, that must have left an interesting set of holes.
  5. $530 is not to bad today. They were selling for $650+ on gunbroker before the latest batch came in. A lot that CFS sell for $530 will be resold for more.
  6. Cool. I'm "handy" now! It's not that hard. If you have ever built an AK, it is really kind of simple, using the Tromix DIY pistol grip converter. Frankly, drilling the rivets was the hardest part, and I have demilled a lot of rivets. I think it is mentioned in an old thread, but the rivets on the Saiga 12 are HARD. The pins you have to drill out are just as tough. The rest is just assembly and cosmetic work. You won't have one of the VERY NICE pro conversions, but I frankly I think mine looks good.
  7. Excellent! My conversion is about done now, I just need a handguard and muzzle device. I test fired it Sunday, it was great with the 10 rounder, but would have ROCKED with the drum. Hopefully, the next time I shoot...but it is so stinking hot out now, it may be a while.
  8. Tony, have you ever considered a "Krinkov" style flash hider? If you made it where the threads were in the front, it would have the effect of making the barrel appear shorter. The only "flash hider" effect would be the cone.
  9. How do you remove the stock front sight? I thought I had seen a thread telling how, but can't find it.
  10. In Tennessee, if they do not have the proper sign, with the law quoted properly, they can piss up a tree. If they see you carrying, then can tell you to leave, that is all. I don't open carry, I have a CHL. I carry in WW all the time. I have heard of WW asking people who open carry to leave on other forums. I do not think this is anything new.
  11. Cool! The Tapco Galil rail kit will still fit, right?
  12. Is this a new item made by Tromix, or a modfied Tapco galil part? Now, thanks to Tony's DIY gadget, I have my basic conversion done, and it looks very nice. I still need a new hand guard, front sight and muzzle device. Have to decide which of those I want.
  13. Somebody will be along to bitch slap you momentarily...
  14. Those are just the Tapco ones. Check their site. They don't have to be modded and have some kind of bracket for the S-12? Tromix sells the bracket alone. From the MAA website: Galil Handguard Standard (includes mounting bracket) Tromix Modified to fit Saiga 12 -
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