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  1. My RIA Compact with Kimber ambi safety, Wilson combat magwell, Wilson mag, custom stock grips, Crossbreed supertuck holster: By mwroseberry, shot with FinePix F480 at 2010-02-28 Thanks, Merritt SGT USMC vet.
  2. I say go with a Cetme/G3, Socom, FAL. Any of which is a better weapon in my opinion. I had some nightmare experiences in the sandbox with my M16A4 and I will never own an AR as long as I live. My pick below if I was you: http://www.atlanticfirearms.com/storeproduct618.aspx Good luck, Merritt
  3. Mine is the 1" 6-24x50 mildot w/out the illum. I like it alot and if it ever screws up they replace it no questions asked. I haven't put alot of rounds down range with it yet so hopefully friday (pending weather) I'll test these hand loads and see how my stock and scope upgrade are and if they were worth the coin. Thanks, Merritt SGT USMC vet.
  4. http://www.raynersrange.com/schedule.htm Then also multiple types at TVP http://www.thundervalleyprecision.com/ And thanks I have something similar for a base but as you know when you start shooting out to 1k yards you need the data on your own rounds and barrel. Then I'm going to have to do it all over again when I get my new barrel. Thanks, Merritt SGT USMC vet.
  5. Some better pics with a SSS bolt handle Also I'm working up hand loads for her using Hornady 308 match 168gr bullets. I'll let you guys know how I do at the competition but without a spotter and without a ballistics chart for my weapon it may be interesting. Thanks, Merritt SGT USMC vet.
  6. Yeah BSA isn't going to get it. If you want to stay under $250 I'd recommend the Vortex crossfire 6-24x50 that I run or the Bushnell 3200 Tactical 10x40. Both are mildot scopes and both can take a mag bolt action so your semi auto is nothing. Also the warrentee on the Vortex is awsome and they will overnight you a replacement if anything ever happens to your scope. Good luck, Merrit SGT USMC vet.
  7. Yeah actually already adjusted the trigger down to 4lbs. Once I get my barrel I'm going to have it bedded by a local smith and I'm hoping it's a 1/2MOA gun. We'll see. Thanks, Merritt
  8. Started with a Stevens 200 xp in 308. Even in stock for it shot 1 MOA at 100 with cheap Am Eagle Ammo. Now that the new stock and scope is installed I'm going to be moving to match grade ammo. I will keep you informed of how it shoots with the new stock. Before pics (Krylon paint, home made cheek pad, cheap ammo sleeve, Stock Bushnell 3-9x40): By mwroseberry, shot with FinePix F480 at 2010-01-17 After Pics (B&C Tactical Medalist, EGW 20MOA base, Vortex Crossfire 6-24x50, Eagle Stock pad): By mwroseberry at 2010-02-11 Totals: Stevens 200 xp: $395.00 (including shipping and FFL) B&C Tactical: $243.00 (Price to my door) EGW Base: $45.00 (Delivered) Vortex (used) $98.00 (Delivered) Eagle pad (used) $40.00 Orig. Stock -$45.00 Total: $776.00 WTB: Shillen Barrel and my stick will be complete for now. I couldn't be happier so far and I can't wait to get it out with match grade and hand load ammo and see what she can do. Thanks, Merritt SGT USMC vet.
  9. I haven't dealt with the company to date but my father in law is going to order me a bolt handle and I've asked for the tactical handle from them. I hear they are very good people to work with. They may be a bit slow getting your parts to you but they have great customer service if you run into issues. Good luck and I'll post pics up of my Stevens (savage) when I get it done. Well done excluding the new barrel which I'm probably going to have to wait to buy. Thanks, Merritt SGT USMC vet.
  10. I went with a stevens 200 (AKA savage without accutrigger) because I knew I was going to throw the barrel and stock away. But with the factory stock and barrel I shoot under 1MOA with cheap ammo and the factory bushnell 3-9x40. Got the package at buds for $360.00 delivered. Since then I've got an EGW 20MOA base, Vortex 6-24x50 scope and have a Bell & Carson stock on order. Next is my barrel and I'll have a 1/2MOA gun for under $900 with optic included in that price. Already took it to a long range shoot with the factory parts and was hitting at 500 on a 12"x12" plate all day. Good luck, Merritt SGT USMC vet.
  11. Go to http://www.sharpshootersupply.com/ and look in the accessories section. Or go to http://cdiprecisiongunworks.com/c1/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=7&Itemid=27 PM me if you need any more info as I've gotten hott and heavy into savages lately Good luck, Merritt SGT USMC vet.
  12. Carry my Rock Island 1911 Officer's (185gr Hornady Hollow points) anytime I can. Job doesn't allow me to carry at work so after hours I carry. I have to carry lefty due to an injury I got while in the Marines so for all of you like me that can't find a holster for your weapon in Lefty this is what I'm ordering (or getting for Christmas). http://crossbreedholsters.com/IWB/tabid/56/CategoryID/1/List/0/Level/1/ProductID/1/Default.aspx?SortField=ProductName,ProductName Currently using the fobus paddle and it works great in the winter but I would prefer the IWB. Good luck, Merritt SGT USMC vet.
  13. I thought they already did this on occasion. I swear I remember reading that US troops routinely picked up AK's to use for a number of different reasons. One being that the sound of an AK being fired didn't alert enemy troops to US soldiers' presence, as the M16 and AK sound totally different. Am I imagining that I read this? Or is this something that is being done, just not necessarily "green lighted" by higher-ups? I did it, got in trouble and kept doing it..... This is the reason I'm alive and also the reason I don't have a combat action ribbon to this day...... Note to self should have not pissed of my 1stSGT.... Semper Fi Merritt SGT USMC vet.
  14. You better stay away from 1911s or you'll have a new addiction. But you are correct the H&Ks are great firearms. They always produce quality fire arms. Good luck and welcome to the addiction, Merritt SGT USMC vet.
  15. IMO this is the best double stack without having to pay 2K for one.... http://www.charlesdaly.com/dalym5.asp
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