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  1. From what i've read, the NATO length stock is generally a better fit for larger people. But, you might want to consider your intended use and location. I am currently starting on a saiga 12 conversion, my intended use for the weapon is as a whitetail deer slug gun. Since I live in Iowa and I usually hunt in layered clothing, I decided that the Warsaw length of pull was a better fit for my 12. The shorter stock should give me a decent length of pull with the added clothing bulk. I am by no means an expert, this is just my humble opinion.
  2. Thanks, I just figured that it was easier to ask and make sure. I did not know if it would have fallen under a "barrel attachment."
  3. Hey, I own 2 saigas and have decieded to convert my 19" s12. I have gotten a saw PG and a tapco AK buttstock. I also got a tromix FCG and shark brake. My question is if I get a russian made front sight from the E-store, does that count as yet another foreign part? I know Dinzag and krebs make a US one, but if I want to convert my .223 than I need to save as much as possible. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  4. MAA said that people kept purchasing the trigger guard even though it said e-mail for waiting list. Funny thing is that no one has attempted buying with the new price in place.
  5. Another route which I am taking is that there are "diy" trigger guards which place a grip nut weldment behind the trigger guard. The tromix unit which should be available very soon also has a safety stop on it. This should take alot of the work out of the job.
  6. I don't live in NC, so I don't know what a CCW costs or if it is a PITA to get. But I have always belived that it is better to got a CCW if feasable. If citizens don't get CCW's then it's usually not too long before some Government do-gooder will try to take the right away.
  7. I plan to try to sell the critters's fur when i'm done putting holes in it. 223=smaller holes in the pelt; flatter shooting=less chance of me @#%&$^$ the #$& #!*^ shot up.
  8. don't gunsmiths use a spindle sander to remove most of the excess? I know that not many people keep one of those in the garage. would a bandsaw work?
  9. I Felt the need to compliment the Tromix guys on the choice of their dealer. I recently ordered a shark brake and FCG from MAA. Having worked in retail for a long time, I know that the true test of superior customer service is when things are wrong. I am so throughly impressed with the fast and friendly service that I recieved correcting my order, that they will be my PRIMARY source for all things saiga. In a day and age of most companies treating customers as if they were just another number, it is truly refreshing to deal with a company that seems to care about their customers.
  10. Mississippiautoarms.com is currently building a waiting list if you e-mail them, the tromix area of the forum has a thread on this trigger guard and it's anticipated delivery date.
  11. I belive that I have only been to one wal-mart in the last year that actually had guns, I only buy ammo there if I CAN'T find it elsewhere at a competitive price. I would tather give my busniess to a company or owner that is willing to carry the products(guns) that I want to buy.
  12. I am planning on the trigger relocation while keeping the plates as intact as possible, what worries me is that some threads have mentioned cutting the reciever. I would like to avoid this if possible. I guess that I worry about f#^*ing up my first conversion and having an expensive peice of russian paperweight.
  13. I was hoping to use a US stock for 922r issues, you know "overkill" for BIG BROTHER. I am aware that reinstalling the FCG will be a PITA, but it can be done in theory.
  14. Being a saiga shotgun newbie, I was wondering if there was any stocks that I could get for a conversion that would allow for the insane notion of putting the factory stock back? I realize that asking this question will probably get me torched by some members, but I just gotta know. I have nightmares every time I change a weapon that I cannot change back before I know if i'll like it. I guess I'm probably over cautious.
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