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  1. When I bought a FCG for my.223, I got both e-clips and "hairpins." and a set of earplugs.
  2. you can also check here. http://dpharms.com/saiga-muzzle-clip-for-7...les-p-1027.html and http://dpharms.com/phantom-muzzle-brake-fo...yle-p-1028.html DPH sells them as 2 parts. I got lucky when I ordered mine from CSS.
  3. I called with a question and he answered my question and processed my order on the phone. He was a real pleasure to do busniess with.
  4. Do you have any friends with other mags? I have not used surefire mags yet, but I would suspect the mag. Have the feed lips worn allowing the round to feed at a different angle. It is interesting that the 5 rounder does not have a problem. How far into the mag does the issue go away.
  5. The flash hider seems to have a ledge that "butts" up against the outer edge of the barrel. This prevents the gasses from exiting rearward and also enables the hider and the clamp to lock up tight. I installed one that I got from CSS last night.
  6. I used Tromix, I really liked the opening of the trigger guard for a gloved hand. Plus, Saigatech didn't have a safety stop intergrated at the time. Tony's products have a really good reputation. I didn't know much about saigatech at the time. If I had to choose again, I would still go with Tromix.
  7. Why not use the method that tony from tromix used to do on comp guns, screw in Rem. chokes, extend the choke wrench, and use whatever brake or hider you want? Reason for edit, spelling!
  8. Obama has been showing minself to be rather weak as a president really... Pelosi seems to be calling the shots right now. I didn't think it would happen this way either... I wonder if this means the Dems remember what happened the last time they called this stunt? It might just mean that they will wait for a "crsis" to take advantage of. What think is just that congress is just engaging in a power struggle with BO. She wanted the credit.
  9. Some body should rename it BB gun vs. cop car. Seriously, I didn't see an AK, it sould have been a mini-thirty or an SKS. He's just lucky it wasn't a .308 or a 30-06. It really seems to be obamaganda.
  10. The way I understand it is that the muzzle break does count, but, since the weapon dod not come with one it also raises the overall parts count by one. So you basicly have a wash, +1 on US parts count but also +1 on overall count
  11. I own an EEA .223 and a RAA s-12. There is no real difference IMO.
  12. Wouldn't the retaining plate cause him to have to go through some of the bolt hold open issues again?
  13. On the tromix part of the forum, someone asked the question on the saw versus others. Tony's from tromix remarked this, "It should work with just about any grip. Some may not have a cavity large enough to accept the long threaded boss, but it wouldn't take much to file it a bit shorter." I hope this helps.
  14. +1 I read somewhere that the hinge pin for the folding mech. is plastic. It is an entry level folder.
  15. Welcome aboard. Keep up the good fight against those (in the words of heston...) "damn dirty apes."
  16. My NRA membership went through on Nov. 5th. I still plan on contacting my senators and reps. I figure if one of the strongest pro 2nd orgiznations gains a large % of new members, then the dems will take notice. BTW, Guns and ammo had an op-ed peice on joining the NRA. They were for their subscribers joining. One argument against the NRA was that they were too extreme, the editor summed it up perfectly. "If you thimk the NRA is extreme, take a strong look at the groups on the other side."
  17. If you want fairly isolated, look at Iowa. Heck, even the Democrat gov. is trying to cut the budget. Unfortunately the state constitution does not gurantee the right to bear arms yet.
  18. zone1935

    New barrel

    Cough....cough....I....hear....cough.....you.......cough....we're......cough.....working......on.....cough....it... cool, The reason I wondered about the QC was that a rifled barrel pretty much makes it a slug gun only. With a QC the saiga platform with both a rifled and smooth bore takes away the one real drawback of the saiga compared to the remmys and mossys out there. I really like the idea of a takedown s-12.
  19. zone1935

    New barrel

    cough, cough...**rifling**.....cough, cough.....<<1 in 24>>....cough, cough....#$$18"#$%#........ cough, cough.... changable barrels ...... cough, cough..... Tromix has done it! ...... just need front gas systems available to make the barrel system workable. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=20835 Reason for edit, linky linky
  20. This is great! Do you have any idea on the ETA and price for the brake? I really want a break, but I dont know if I can wait much longer.
  21. I have a saiga-12 and a .223. both have been converted. I was thinking about front hanguards and other stuff that I have been drooling over lately. More than likely five to seven hundred to spend.
  22. I thought that I would ask you guys what to do with the money that my wife will let me spend on myself. I can really do only one, unless I find one heck of a deal.
  23. Check cobra customs on this site. I thought he was modding a few tapcos and texas ak triggers for drop in saiga conversion.
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