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  1. I was at a local show the other day and saw a unconverted 410 with a scope for $550, the prices are getting nuts but they are still selling.
  2. BO's admin. along with various others is simple. The acquisition and maintaince of POWER. They would NEVER undertake any action that would jepordize this. If the pro 2nd people in this nation drew the "line in the sand," over the (looks like a) assult weapons ban, it would be DOA. They think that the population will allow this intrusion on liberty.
  3. Do you have fab. skills. If you don't, and have a BHO that you want to keep, then I would check out Dinzag and Cobra customs. I believe cobra is modding both the texas trigger and the tapco to fit the saigas with a BHO.
  4. I have installed a tromix and a dinzag FCG in my s-12 and .223 saigas. I installed the dinzag part with the supplied spring. I haven't been to the range yet (waiting for my SAW grip), but I think that he is just responding to what the market wants. reason for edit, one of these days I will learn how to spell.
  5. How small? Does he have to modify the parts? I have a FCG, Saw grip, and a few other parts on order and have been waiting for 3 weeks going on 4.
  6. Congratulations, I gues it isn't too late for a christmas present.
  7. In Iowa they allow group hunting and deer drives. I think that the shotgun rule is for range limitation. The slugs lose trajectory alot faster than rifles. I really enjoy hunting with my saiga-12, the handling is so much better than a conventional shotgun. Plus my ground is spread out, the magazine makes getting legal for road travel ALOT quicker and easier.
  8. We are doing the production run next week. As for discounts, I will be offering the prototypes at a discount. The only difference is the protos have 2 holes in them were we intended to use set screws. I hope to have more info next week. Scott I am VERY interested in a 223 prototype. I will PM you.
  9. I store a front sight pin wrench in my Saw grip, I also plan on a couple for front sight pins when I get around to it.
  10. Here is a homemade job at the end of the thread. The first part is digi camo. http://www.tippmann.com/forum/wwf77a/forum...141569&PN=1
  11. My limited understanding of 922r is that the AK's have a disconector, hammer and sear/trigger. Dinzag has a US made hammer, disconector, and sear, but has removed the trigger from the sear and is reusing the imported trigger on the non converted saiga FCG. I think he is just covering his bases.
  12. There is always a chaos muzzle brake. And the rail system in place of the front handguard.
  13. I think that one is completely molded, while the more expensive one has a metal mounting block and tube.
  14. Take a look at the CHAOS brake. They are a busniess member here.
  15. I bought mine for deer hunting, I converted it to get all the bambi lovers and anti-gunners upset. (I can't wait to post pics of my deer with my converted saiga.)
  16. +1 on the 223. More off the shelf loads for varmints, less pelt damage. If you don't care about selling the fur, either one should be fine at shorter distances.
  17. Saigatechusa is currently making a 308 TG. I do not have any experience with the company though.
  18. As long as you are not using an ace internal block with a Tromix or Sigatech Diy trigger guard. Changing stocks after the fact should not be difficult. I replaced a Tapco fixed with a M4 adapter and stock after the fact.
  19. Ok, here it goes, to the best of my knowledge VKA is the only place selling a prepackaged "kit" for a conversion. (Stock, PG, FCG all sold as one) Mississippi auto arms sells the peices seprate but I can personally tell you that their customer service is one of the best I have EVER used. I plan on getting a VKA kit for my .223 soon. I used MAA for alot of my s-12 conv. I am not sure if Tony has adapted the DIY trigger guard for anything other than the 12. Tony's products are great.
  20. Well, alot of corn still unpicked. Not alot of hunters in my area. I got a big bodied buck. Eldora area buck
  21. 1st shotgun deer season in Iowa tommorrow. My first season using a converted s-12. Hopefully I will have some good pictures. Wish me luck.
  22. I own a converted s-12 and a unconverted 223. I can attest that the tromix trigger of the s-12 is far superior than the factory trigger on my .223. I also like the new balance of the s-12. It is YOUR choice though. The tromix conversion trigger guard really made the conversion easy.
  23. I still belive that the citizens of this country are good folks, The only way Obama can win is if the vast majority of the mainly conservative citizens do not vote. That is why the news media have been painting this race as over already. only now have the polls been getting closer, if they wern't at least close to the outcome why would anyone pay any attention. The only way to peacefully protect YOUR rights is to VOTE. If a big enough precentage of people are against something (gun control), then the politicos will leave it alone rather than hurt their chances at further re-election. In a
  24. WOW, Looking at the pic I would have swore it was a double.
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