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  1. I thought that a link to this thread may be useful since you guys are now a busniess member. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=25728
  2. I would recomend that you seriously look into converting your saiga. there is always the issue with 922r, and IMHO the stock trigger is a POS compared to the TROMIX trigger that I put in when I converted. The new new FCG had really good surfaces on the sear and hammer, and It got rid of the lever in the stock trigger. Another advantage of converting is that if you don't like the stock or PG, then just change it out. I don't know if the "all in one unit" will give you that kind of flexibility.
  3. If you feild strip your weapon and then look at the sear and disconector area under the bolt, you should notice the cut in the reciever where the AK style FCG trigger would pass through. It will be a square with one "leg" at the front for sear clearance. If you are not a really handy person as far as fabrication skills go, I would seriously recomend looking into a FCG that has been modifed for the s-308. Dinzag comes to mind....
  4. On one of those neato AK tribute programs on the history channel or others, they actually show some undertrained guy beating the barrel of an AK straight with a wrench! While I would not ever think of treating a weapon in such a manner, it does make me shake my head. I would pay particular attention to the end of the barrel though, the rifling is kinda easy to mess up and might play havoc with accuracy. Maybe one of the gunsmiths on this forum can weigh in on the subject.
  5. What a wonderfull experience. I wouldn't think twice about doing busniess with him again
  6. Sorry to hear about your loss. It is amazing how a treasured dog almost becomes one of your "kids." It just isn't fair to lose someone so loyal and close.
  7. It is with a sad, heavy heart that I read this thread. I send my regards and prayers to him and his family at this time of need.
  8. What barrel-chested, freedom loving American wouldn't love to host a few G.I.'s in their home...? I would imagine that a few leftie's would go into a psychotic fit to have a platoon of Marines quartered in their happy-hippy kabutz of love, but if we're gonna start "trimming the fat" out of the Constitution, I say the 3rd Amendment is an EXCELLENT place to start... Anyone game for organizing a "Repeal the 3rd" movement? Everyone coluld invite a GI to stay at the house and go out to the range with the weapons that the "obsolete" 2nd gives us a right to. that would get their goat.
  9. Without out knowing how you want your gun to turn out, it is nearly impossible to judge how hard and time consuming the job would be. In my opinion, though, a basic conversion is not extremely hard with the information on this forum and the products that are available to make the conversion easier.
  10. I have found that preperation is the key. I will start hinting vaguely months in advance. That way she only gets a little mad each time and the eventual purchase goes fairly smooth since she has already got most of "it" out of her system a little at a time.
  11. I really encourage you to look at the 308 FCG's that guys like Dinzag have. From what I've read the 308 is different than the others. here is a thread. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showto...e+control+group
  12. I currently have a Tromix FCG in my S12 and it has functioned flawlessly with no mods from myself.
  13. It is my understanding that you can just take the folding mech. out and bolt the stock straight to the weapon with the ACE and Tromix stocks. I could be wrong though.
  14. Maybe the guys at Tromix have some info Check this out http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=21835
  15. I know we only won one battle in this war, but DAMN it feels good.
  16. Have you ever gotten two guns in one bag? I know a couple of guys that might try that.
  17. Here you go. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=23437 Another option i've seen in the threads is to notch the BHO.
  18. that looks like the lever that connects the "stock" trigger to the rest of the fire control group.
  19. Cool 12. I don't even want to think what one of those would cost. I'm still making house payments. Does it have screw in chokes?
  20. I showed by brother-in-law my newly converted 12 and the only thing I got out of him was "that thing is wicked looking" over and over. Then he shot it, and I don't think the smile is off his face yet.
  21. I know what you mean I have actually used a 10 lb. sledge to "install" a window. I HAVE WITNESSES.
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