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  1. For what scenario? If you shoot often then thousands and thousands would suit you. If you are preparing for SHTF type scenario then only what you can physically carry/transport and don't shoot it unless you can afford to rotate your stockpile. Few of my friends are big Doomsday types that plan to bug out if needed. One buddy thinks he will be able to carry 1,000 rounds for his AK along with other supplies traveling on foot. This guy can barely walk from the kitchen to the bathroom without losing his breath so I doubt he will be taking more than a few magazines. I keep just ov
  2. Receiver was painted only on the bottom after removing the old trigger guard. Its shiny because I had just oiled it inside and out after degreasing for the conversion.
  3. Everything is from CSS except the Tapco hand guard. Not really digging the hand guard. I bought it used and after the install it rocks left to right about a quarter inch. I can't tell if its Tapco or the previous owner of the rifle filed down the retaining pins on the barrel that lock into the hand guard. Anyone have any experience with one? I understand these come with spacers to fit rifles or shotguns. It looks like I have the right one but I wonder how many spacers it came with in the original package.
  4. I've made two orders in the past 2 weeks. First order was 5 days to my door and this next one should work out to 4 to the door. My only complaint was an item that I ordered was out of stock but showed to be in stock when I ordered. They credited my account before the following day so no biggie. I'm also happy with they way everything was packaged, clean and separated made for an easy conversion.
  5. We just bought our first house this last fall. I had never seen one before and kept calling them stink bugs until my wife proved me wrong. I'm no tree expert but I'm gonna cut that box elder tree down and spray the living snot around the foundation. Its been on average 20 degrees here in Michigan until yesterday when we got past 50 and the elders came out of the woodwork.
  6. Steel core ammo illegal? First I've heard of this. I know most ranges won't allow it because it penetrates their backdrops. I had and shot some years ago, wouldn't mind having a few hundred rounds now JIC.
  7. I have one that is really loose, no issues and she has over 2,000 rounds through her after I discovered it was loose.
  8. When I first bought my Saiga I paid $2.50 for a box of Wolf......................... I just ordered another 500 rounds of Herters from Cabelas at $4.99 a box with 5 dollar shipping about three weeks ago. I already had a little over a thousand rounds stored but the prices I was seeing at the shops around me was all the motivation I needed to start buying online.
  9. For my current 7.62X39 conversion: Looking for trigger guard with grip nut attached Looking for an Internal receiver block for an ACE style stock. I don't have much to offer for trade so I have cash/paypal ready. I do have a single set of Saiga mag clamps that work only for Saiga magazines and a standard trigger guard from CSS with all hardware, and a dust cover with rail attached on top that is a little beat up if anyone is interested in trading those with cash added if needed.
  10. Finally found a thread with a template for cutting a new hole for the grip nut. Thinking I'm going to just buy the trigger guard with the grip nut built in to save the hassle. This one is turning out to be a bit more pricey than I had planned.
  11. Looking at other conversion pics and videos my receiver looks like its missing the hole where the grip nut would go. bottom of mine
  12. Anyone ever have to drill a hole for their grip bolt and nut into the bottom of the receiver? Where my grip and bolt line up I would have to drill to accommodate. Last conversion I used Carolina Shooter's Supply trigger guard with grip nut built in and didn't have to worry.
  13. I used to have some rubberized tape that only adhered to itself leaving behind no sticky glue residue if removed. I'm going to try and find it again and try that. Thanks for the post.
  14. On my H&R Ultra Slug Hunter 12 I use a Bushnell Banner Dusk til Dawn and I think I paid about $125 for it. Plenty of quality for me. Its a shotgun scope made to handle the recoil. 4 seasons of hard use and I haven't had to adjust anything.
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