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  1. she cycles everything except low-brass birdshot... i think if i put a load of buckshot threw she should cycle fine... checked the gasports and I have a 4 holes,,, the front one is just barely covered up. if that doesn't work I will polish the bolt-head and I imagine that should fix it. thanks again everyone for the comments
  2. I ended up going with the Tromix DIY with safety selector stop... http://www.mississippiautoarms.com/index.p...products_id=233 It worked out great... simple installation and feels more than sturdy.
  3. Yup, has the standard M22x0.75 threads and a lockring. We're working on a big batch of them right now and will try to put together a package deal for Saiga-12 members sometime in January to coincide with the start of our advertising sponsorship here. Has anyone heard anything about the 'package deal' mentioned on this forum back on December 18th? I am nearing the completion of my latest Saiga 12 conversion and I wanted to incorporate a KA-1212. I would be interested in one as well.
  4. I remember you from that Broad Moutain Ent thread. I ordered one from them , checked my ports just now after reading this and another thread... must be luck of the draw because I received a 4 porter, 3 clearly visible and I just make out half of the 4th. Im glad too because I had already converted her... pretty sure that voids the warranty lawl - Shes in the H08432xxx batch so I guess they sorted it.... from the posts I have read the ones affected are H08430xxx-H08431xxx
  5. lawl I prob should of checked to see how many gas ports my gun has before I converted it... Does this only apply to the older years or are the newer 08' S12s effected as well?
  6. Thanks everyone for the nice comments! I'lll be sure to let yall know how she shoots.
  7. nice, is that a limbsaver on that butt-stock? Looks like the slip-on version... was wondering what model that is. I have a similar stock.
  8. hate to bump an old post- but justed wanted to set the record straight that Bround Mountain Ent. in my book A++ they held the rifle till I told them too and responded to all my inquiries promptly.
  9. I have one in my 7.62x39 with no ill-effects... but from what I understand (*light forum reading) the way the S-12 is designed it has smaller tolerance and the buffer is more-likely to mess with cycling... I know I am not explaining this nearly up to par but I believe Tromix has posted on this and explained way better then I am able to... perhaps try searching his posts.
  10. Finally got my dream S-12 done with. Gotta thank Broad Mountain Enterprise they were excellent with holding the Saiga-12 tuill my FFL was back in town. Gotta thank my FFL for 6$ transfer fee -- can't really beat that. Dinzag - although it takes whats seems like forever and a week to get your order... he always in the end comes through with quality parts. My friends for letting me use their tools : ) and last but not least BattleRifleG3 for supplying the beautiful lyptus wood furniture and putting up with my at times probably what seemed like retarded fitting/finishing questions. Going to go blast her this weekend : ) she cycles fine. wood was sanded to finish... when I wet-sanded I used a 50/50 Tung Oil / Mineral Spirits mix... Then to finish it off I applied ~+7 coats of Tung Oil... let it dry ~24hrs between coats. With her sister 7.62x39
  11. I placed an order with them right before the X-Mas holidays. I was able to get in touch with them via email.... I asked and received a Fax number so my FFL could fax in his forms. They responded to all of my emails within 24hrs... hopefully it is just the holiday backlog. I went ahead and PMed you the contact info I have for them (email + fax #). Seeing as I just placed an order with them I was dreading opening this thread... but I reckon you will get things sorted out... My FFL is out of town till January 5th and I asked Broad Mountain and they agreed to not ship till then,,, when I receive my S-12 I will post in this thread.
  12. So is that the general consesus, just shoot the darn thing? Funny how shooting the gun seems to solve a lot of the problems associated with it. I had to blast some heavy buchshot through her before she cycled birdshot correctly.
  13. How was installation of the Samson? How sturdy does it feel? Have you mounted any optics to it yet? Looks good, congrats.
  14. So this is a really noob question, but how do i adjust the settings on the polychoke. I just got one new and it screws on just fine but i can't get it off xfull. Do i mess with the litte ring/pin or what? Sounds like it's hand adjustable but mine sure doesn't seem so.
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