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  1. Floyd9


    My goofy ass crackin' up at my boy and what the ex was saying when she took the picture . My little prodigy. I kept the genes going man!
  2. A great man died. Good thing it wasn't while he was in the tank! RIP, Mikhail Kalashnikov
  3. Floyd9

    Saiga 014

    I think you would be suprised what 5/8" thick, hardened metal will stop.
  4. Floyd9


    I like it, it not only gives me a good LOP, but the surface area allows for a nice firm grip on my shoulder.
  5. Floyd9


    Certainly is. With a Bulgarian (I think) Buttpad installed, perma-style
  6. Floyd9


    they don't require gas-tubes anymore?
  7. Floyd9

    DSC 3564

    PK-A is great, the lenses come loose though. doesn't affect aiming, but its not fogproof anymore.
  8. Yes they are, excellent pieces of machinery!
  9. reminds me of a CZ-75 in shape, how does it point/feel?
  10. Is that a century arms GALIL in .223? If so, who is the pistol-grip made by?
  11. Always ready is my trademark!
  12. Trigger is disciplined, I was ready to shoot.
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