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  1. I have owned a WASR for many years and it has always been 100% and I was always confused by all the hate sent their way. Just the other day I picked up another from a private sale for a great price. It had the tang cut and an ACE folder installed. The price was so low for two reasons. The front sight was cranked the whole way over to one side to counter the canted tower and when the ace block was instaled he forgot or was unable to get the second screw and nut in. Well just tonight I striped it down and beat on it till I was able to get the block out and install the second nut and screw, I then went to work on the front sight tower. I was going to remove the pins and try and get all fancy, but I used a vice and a rubber mallet. It looks close and I hope it shoots as well as my other one.
  2. I am going through the same thing. I have gone back to school to get a degree, so no money! So I went through the collection and looked at the stuf that I dont use and thought I would sell and streamline. Well after the smoke had cleared, I find I now have more then I started with??? Now I have 2 AR's insted of one, 5 Ak types insted of 4, and a pistol in .357 sig??? ( I plan on a .40 bbl & maybe a 9mm bbl). Trading guns can be fun.
  3. Dont forget the BM59. I think it was an Itailan Garand coversion that used Mags and 7.62. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Mitragliatrice_fucile_FAL_BM_59.jpg Thanks Russ
  4. Love my drum and would love to win a grip... lets try 728
  5. I know that I have had my S-308 posted for sale on several forums and the response has been very dismal. Maybe everyone is out of cash (like me). It is a 21 inch conversion done with high quality parts and it looks like if I can break even on my parts cost I will be lucky
  6. I would like to add my .2 . I own 3 9mm's and 3 .45's and several other calibers. I voted 9mm for a first auto pistol. If the Glock ergo's work for you they are very reliable and have lots of support from the after market. I would also look at the S&W M&P series. I find they fit my hand much better then my glocks, I have fired 2000 rds from the 9mm M&P and 1500 rds from the .45 M&P with zero issues. My G19 has also been trouble free as has my Taurus 24/7. In fact the only issue I have had was with one of my 1911's and that was only one mag that was bad. The bottom line is this. We have several wonderful choices in the auto pistol market. Try as many as you can and buy what you like.....then buy some more and shoot shoot shoot and have fun!
  7. has anyone had any recent dealings with the maker of these? I sent an email back when the thread was new and asked him to make some pouches for me, but have sent several emails after that to inquire about my order. I have not sent any money and am not out anything but time. Maybe he changed his email or somthing like that? If anyone has good contact info or knows of another source for a mag carrier of this type, I would be grateful. Thanks Russ
  8. Thanks for the heads up SOPMOD. I sent him an email and he will let me know when he is ready to ship. thanks Russ
  9. You may also want to check out the Hawk 997 or 998 not sure what number. Same shotty but the reciver is the same profile as the 870. It is a norinco same as the pardner's. The weight is a little less without the hump the pardners have. I got one for around the same price ($179.00 + fees) with the ghost ring sights, Very nice for the money and then some. Great deal. Barrels will interchange between the two. Stocks from the 870 will also fit.
  10. Thanks for the reply Azrial, Do you think the vest / youth model is about the same size as warsaw pact stock? I am ok with the length of pull on the warsaw length, but if the youth model is shorter than that it may be too short. Thanks Russ
  11. Does it come with a Tatical Wheelbarrow ?
  12. Please forgive me for bringing this thread back from the dead. I have a question about the two folders that they make. The first they say is an extended nato length. the second they call a youth , vest model. would the second one be a warsaw pact length? I am looking to get two of these one for my S12 before the Tapco breaks and another for my WASR. I am good with the Warsaw Pact length stocks. Thanks for any replies. Russ
  13. Did you remove the Shepherds crook (wire retainer)?
  14. Did you instal either a retaining plate , e clips or a shepards crook? Did you instal either a retaining plate , e clips or a shepards crook?
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