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  1. Its pretty easy the E clip was the toughest part. Two turns was to low for my gun with Federal bulk but 2.5 works well.
  2. Well there may be one on your drum but there is no metal on the front factory 5 round mag catch it is a plastic tab like the AGP. Both have a metal tab in the rear though. Unless you speak of the factory 8 rounder I have not seen one of those but there is no metal front tab on the 5 rounder. Get a magnet and check your factory mag. Mine has a steel front catch reinforcement.
  3. The bottom one is a AGP mag.
  4. Drums in hand working on the A fitting!!!
  5. UPS shows it in there system now and says it will be here Friday. I need to go and get some more ammo for Saturday.
  6. I'm 2777 I got my UPS tracking info last night but it just says billing info received looks like they haven't got the package yet.
  7. My CC was just hit for the remainder for my 2 drums.
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