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  1. As has been said check the extractor and spring, also clean the gun and pay attention to the gas system, make sure nothing's binding.
  2. Galil 35 round mags work fine in my experience, you will probably need to shave a bit of material at the front of the mag well for them to fit.
  3. Shave the trunion. It's a very small amount of material and can be done with a round stone on the dremel in a few minutes. The one I did takes bulgy circle 10's, and Galil mags with no mods to the magazine.
  4. Every time a mag adapter is installed, an angel loses its wings It sure would be nice to use AR mags though.
  5. Pretty easy for him to say the "slide fire" stock POS will be banned soon considering they already banned the identical stock for the SKS. I wouldn't touch one of those with a 50 foot pole and someone else holding it That said, I see so many Saiga's with 30 rounders stuck in them and NO conversion that I really don't imagine the ATF will be bothering with guys who actually follow parts counts and do the conversions properly.
  6. Do this! You won't regret it when it's finished.
  7. I tested out the buckshot loads yesterday. The .144 loads with the windjammers were pussy cats and the odd crimps made them inconsistent. They did pattern very well out at 15 yards. The .155 loadings with the windjammers were still inconsistent but had a lot more power. Finally the .155 bushings with the WAA12F114 wads shot very well. They didn't pattern quite as well because they wanted to stack 2 pellets very close at 30 yards, but the patterns were all about a foot across at 30 yards, the recoil was very tolerable, and with the good crimp they were consistent. I still may swap over to Winchester primers and step up to the .168 bushing, but for now I'm sticking with the .155's and the Waa12 wads.
  8. The 8 buckshot is so I can fit even stacks of 2 inside the shell. This way I don't have to do any mods to the wad cups, and I've heard they will pattern better this way. On the airsoft rounds they are dirty little buggers but they work really well, I'll try and post up some videos of me shooting some soda bottles with them or something. I highly doubt I would ever shoot at anything living with these, it was mostly a "this'll be neat for the back yard" type of thing.
  9. 34 reads and not one reply? Figured I would update this actually the wads I'm using are the older WAA12F114s. I used these to make a few airsoft loads today and they seem to work better than the windjammers with a louder report. I still haven't got to shoot the buckshot reloads but I plan to do that soon and will post back with the results. I'm really kind of paranoid to up the ante to the larger bushing because it seems like the CCI primers are really hot, they produce more pressure for the velocity than Winchesters etc.
  10. "Seven 69 grn 5.56 projo's fit neatly into a 12 Ga hull. Makes a 1 1/8 oz load....just say'in." I have heard stories of the government making shells that contained stacks of rifle rounds like this.
  11. I just got my Lee Loadall 2 set up and running. The first loads I made were: Remington STS light target hulls, CCI 209 primers, .141 (15.8) grains of Clays, Windjammer wad, and 8 00 buckshot pellets. These rounds came out ok, but the crimps seemed bulged upwards without much of a lip. The next batch were the same as above, only using the .155 bushing (17.4 grains). Same deal here with the crimp. Finally I decided to try the WAA12F114 wads as they had a bit more depth, I loaded these up over the .155 bushing and the crimp came out gorgeous. As a note, all 8 pellets in the shot cup comes out to .9 ounce so I think I'm pretty close on these loads with the .141 being pretty mild (at least I hope I'm on point here I haven't fired them yet). The only other thing I've done so far was to load up some Federal hulls with .141 of Clays and about 24 .12 grain airsoft pellets. These are neat as heck, but dirty as can be. I tried the .095 bushing but they had no velocity, they wouldn't make it 15 yards out. I also tried some much longer 3in wads in the 2 3/4 case but they don't pattern worth a crap set up like this. I also purposely double powdered a hull using the .155 bushing. If you do this you will not be able to crimp the case, it sat the wad up far past the lip into the actual crimp section of the case, I was really relieved to see this because I was really paranoid of doubling up a hull.
  12. "and concluded that a Saiga with P-grip conversion was the ideal tactical carbine." My sentiment exactly, I wouldn't touch the hand guard on my rifle, it looks excellent the way it sits, covers alot of the barrel so no burns; overall it's a wonderful unit. If the screw in the receiver is backing out on you put some green or purple loc tite on it; problem solved.
  13. I've used Galil 35's and a Bulgarian clear 30; both of these rock the socks once the bullet guide is installed. I've had one problem with the Bulgy and it didn't fully feed, I wasn't shooting it so I'm pretty sure the guy using my gun basically "limp wristed" it. Out of the other 3 or 4 hundred rounds everything has went without a hitch.
  14. Probably one of the 10 round Galil magazines stuffed in it.
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