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  1. For sale is my 922r compliant S12 that started out as a IZ109 and was sent to Will Hayden at Red Stick Firearms for a sidefolder conversion and barrel shortened with shark brake permanently attached to give an overall barrel length of 18 ¼ inches. Complete refinish with KG Industries Gunkote. The following parts were used in the build. Ace skeleton stock 8.5 with 1 inch pad, ace folding mechanism with sling swivel, Tromix FCG, Tromix receiver backing plate, Tromix shark brake, Saw pistol grip, Saigatech trigger guard, gunfixer adjustable gas knob, Cobra vented OEM handguard, and Dinzag Arms front site block short. Also included is 1 MD Arms 20 round drum with smoke cover, 2 AGP 10 round mags, 1 Surefire 12 round mag, and the factory 5 round that came with the gun. This S12 has had exactly 40 rounds of the cheap walmart federal bird shot run through (2 full drums) with know problems. None of the magazines have been used. This is an excellent gun. If you have ever seen a Red Stick firearm you know the craftsmanship of their work and the finish is excellent. I got it back from build in Oct 2008 and it has a 5 year warranty from Red Stick Firearms. I had a 6 month wait to get this conversion done. Price is $1600 shipped to your FFL for everything. Will only sell to states that can legally own this gun and high cap drum and magazines. USPS money order or cashiers check. Not interested in any trades, trying to fund another project. http://s353.photobucket.com/albums/r383/ca...=1240977960.jpg http://s353.photobucket.com/albums/r383/ca...=1240977958.jpg http://s353.photobucket.com/albums/r383/ca...=1240977955.jpg http://s353.photobucket.com/albums/r383/ca...=1240977962.jpg
  2. It's made in Russia. RAA is the distrurbutor in the U.S. As far as the vodka special sometimes all the gas ports are not open.
  3. Sheesh "RARE" in the description adds $500 to the price alone. Why can't you do this for yourself? I did'nt try google. I use ask.com and I guess I spelled it wrong. A kind person on glocktalk forum gave me this site, which had the best info. http://www.cruffler.com/Features/JUL...w-July-01.html
  4. They have this pistol listed for sale in my local newspaper. I have never heard of it and have not been able to find anything about when I do a search. Does anybody know anything about it? Her is how they have it listed. TZ99 Tressitu South Africa 9mm Semi Auto Pistol, rare.
  5. Not to be a smart ass but yall don't have a snowballs chance in hell of ever getting that law passed in New York City!
  6. Yea, I grew up on the coast and lived in Long Beach until 1999 and then move little north to the Wiggins area in Perkinston. In all that time that was the first time I had ever been their. I was looking in the phone book calling around trying to find so reloader 22 powder and he was the only one that had any. It was one of those places you go in and it looks like junk piled ever where but the more you walk around and dig through stuff you find things you would have never thought they would have.
  7. So I was in this small gun/pawn shop in Ocean Springs Ms the other day to get some reloading powder and as I was walking around looking I notice he had some saiga 12's in the rack. I got to talking to the owner about people converting them and ask if had ever heard of Tromix and he said just a minute and I see him open his safe and out comes a brand new S-17. He said you mean like this one. After I pick my jaw up off the floor and wiped the slober off my face he handed it to me. Man I have seen pictures but that was the first time I got to hold one. I can now see why everbody who has one speaks so highly of them. Now here is the worst part, as I am continuing to drool over it I notice a white tag hanging off of it with a price on it. Are you ready for this $1299.00 Please tell me it's for sale. He said sorry I just sold it to a guy a couple of days ago and he is waiting on his stamp. It just go to show you, you never know what you can find in some of these small shops around the country. Anyway I least I can say I got handle one for a little while.
  8. Not to bust your bubble it looks nice but I can't see $14,000.
  9. I carry the HK USP compact 9 holds 13 rounds. Very reliable pistol.
  10. Man, that would be a nice addition for any knive collectors out there. I wonder what kind of steel they used on those tank barrels back then?
  11. Yes, that would be all you need your reciver and trigger group!
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