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  1. Took it off today and stripped it for park, but decided to just FINALLY weld on the old trigger guard. Great for people who dont know how or lack the equipment to weld the old trigger guard back on. New is $50 plus shipping from SaigaTech, asking $30 shipped.
  2. Standard AKM length. Had it on my Saiga with a dinzag hand guard retainer.
  3. Looks unissued, got it from GunBroker last month and it's just not my style. Looking to get what I got into it. $50 shipped.
  4. I need the magazine well of a .223 saiga miced. I am doing a parts kit build and would like to know what flat to buy from AK-Builder. A Saiga 7.62 is 1.024 and a AK-Builder's 5.45 flat is 0.996, thanks in advance.
  5. Never fired brake, came off a parts kit. Chrome lined and has some anno wear marks. $35 shipped USPS 2-3 Day Priority. PP is ok.
  6. Dinzag tap die set includes everything to tap your 7.62x39 barrel to 14x1 threads. -Handle -Thread Alinement Too -14x1 Die I ran one pass on my rifle and came out great. When cleaning the die afterwards with a brush a tooth of the die came off. Brian at Dinzag said threading the 0.569" diameter barrel with a M14x1LH die is an aggressive application with a lot of material removal and some times this happens. It's not really an issue because you will have the TAT and the other side of the die. I guess thats my personal opinion though. But I wanted to be upfront about it so the buyer was well aware. New from Dinzag you are looking at $60 plus shipping. Because of the cosmetic damage I am asking; $45 firm, shipped 2-3day USPS. Discret PP only.
  7. Ultimak was snagged on calguns first. Ill knock off 5 bucks for the krebs if you are still interested. sorry man
  8. Going a different route with my AK. All items are lightly used and in good condition. Also prices include shipping and discreet "gifted" paypal is preferred. 1) Ultimak AK Rail (non vent tube model) -SOLD 2) Krebs Rear Peep Sight 800m (note that the elevation slider does not come with it) -$45 Cross posted on few forums, so the first "Ill take it" PM gets it.
  9. Pm sent madmax. Cobra you have seconds, I'll keep you in the loop via pm.
  10. I have a very lightly used timbersmith black wood set. It's seen one trip to the range where I rezeroed my rifle (100 rnds). Rifle is adult owned always kept in a soft case, wood is in brand new shape. The kit includes handguards, pistol grip and stock. After 3 different wood kits I finally realized I like synthetic sets better. Asking 80 shipped. Paypal is ok, discret gift method. As for trades I am looking for a black synthetic stock set, much like the k-var kit. SOLD to madmax
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