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  1. anyone know if they are willing to ship to CA? i might pick up a skeleton stock then fill it in while im at it. any pics with the forend installed?
  2. look up kalinkaoptics. they have the pos scopes that are dragunov style
  3. i got mine 375 OTD including sh dros transfer. i got it from ddsranch but i think they are out of stock. i also had a hard time finding someone to transfer it for less than 75! what area are you in? fort courage armory in simi valley does the transfer for 25 + 25 dros. goodluck most cali sellers have high prices since we are limited to cool rifles here.
  4. hey guys i just picked up a cheap sks sling and was about to attach it but my front sling swivel went missing(that C looking part not the post.). well i need a replacement. where can i get one that fits?....unless some one here wants to donate?
  5. no bg installed im using the standard saiga 10 rounder
  6. hey guys i took my saiga out to the range for the first time about a month ago and havent had time to clean it. i shot around 160 rounds of fiocchi. well today i got around to cleaning it when i noticed a groove and looks like it was made by the bullet slamming in at the wrong angle. does this look normal? should i worry or am i over reacting? i tried to take some pics but its hard. also when i manually cycled some rounds the looked like they were scratching something. heres alot of pics, hope its nothing. the groove is at the bottom part.
  7. lol ive been on the hunt for the ps3 mgs bundke for a week... everyone seems to be sold out.
  8. anyone have a vid of someone drilling it by hand? i want to see how they hold it or if they hold it with something(vice) to keep it level and perfectly still. i want to avoid doing it myself and possibly breaking something, but if i have too i will
  9. hey guys i dont have a drill press so i was hoping anyone in the socal area could help me out. What other methods did you guys use to install it if you did not have a drill press available? anyone know of a gunsmith that will do it for not so much change or anyone in my area willing to lend a hand?
  10. tell us how it goes and try to take plenty of pics while your doing it
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XU96VbnSoTc...feature=related that video shows him removing the stock and shows the screws. hope that helps. good luck
  12. thats why i asked if he got it transferd, if i just give or sell mine to someone with out transfering it with a local ffl i think ive broken some laws.
  13. i asked because if i want to give say my g/f my saiga i would have to go to a ffl and have a private party transfer..... CA ofcourse
  14. you dont need to transfer it in your state?
  15. i always shoot standing or crouched, sitting in a chair with the rifle on the table just seems wierd to me. im at the range to practice shtf not competition shooting so thats why i shoot that way. ill try prone next time.
  16. would me buying 15 of them be considered mass market??
  17. you guys are lucky i had to pay 20$ for saiga 10 rounders here in cali. do master moulders come in 10 round?? also it says for leo only?? so no civy use?
  18. can you guys post links to where you got them please? if they are cheap but are still good to go i might pick one up.
  19. i think people need to "lurk" more before they join. i lurked for a good 3 weeks reading up on everything before taking the plunge and so far ive asked IMHO good questions and search like crazy... maybe her search-foo is weak today?
  20. sadly since im in Ca i probably wont convert it. i rather have detachable mag than pistol grip but i am thinking of getting a trigger group. i think the only pistol grips ima have is on my shotgun and .22 rifle...when i buy them
  21. and to think with all that crud it still works great huh
  22. hey guys i took out my saiga to the range for the first time today....... and WOW i love it. its my first rifle and my first time shooting a rifle. The recoil was not as bad as i kept hearing and i was able to shoot a poweraid bottle from 75 yards away with the iron sights. I am Very impressed and love this black beauty. i must say thank you to everyone here that led me to this rifle.
  23. i am left eye dominant so would this work perfect for me? with hand guns i shoot better with left eye but and right handed. it feels better to hold my saiga right hand but would i get better accuracy using my left eye, left hand. also you stated that you can see your sights is your a high rail?
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