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  1. The GF picked up a Sig Sauer P220 Elite... Haven't played with it yet. The Nitron coating and Rosewood grips make it visually appealing. Sitting next to her S&W it's like an Armani suit compared to a set of BDU's.
  2. Well, i can't say i bought it..... But a SureFire M952V LED WeaponLight; http://www.surefire.com/m952v-millenniumuniversalweaponlight.html The guy gave it to me.... Said it didn't work. First off it was on IR light setting. Second, one of the batteries was in backwards. Thing works great, and looks brand new. I'll take a $600 light for free. He even gave me a 12 pack of CR123A batteries.
  3. I might have 4 feet of packed snow around my grill, but it doesn't mean I don't use it.... I currently have 3 pounds of ribs in the fridge waiting on tomorrow. A nice southern style BBQ sauce, and o plan on serving them over brown rice with a side of sweet carrots or asparagus.
  4. Yup Yup Siminov, Bald Mountain. North of Old Forge NY... Looking down over the chain lakes, that 4th on the left, to 7th on the right.
  5. Screw you guys and your Southern exposures.... 15 and light snow. Time to go on a hike up a Mountain.... Panoramic view from the top
  6. I finally went and saw this movie last night.... Truly a Hollywood movie.... Plot holes, unrealistic shit, and a few "are you kidding me?" were uttered. I did leave the theater wanting, but not feeling cheated.... Atleast I can say I seen it.
  7. I just hate buying ammo at 50 cents a round for anything..... Augh... I miss the old days.
  8. Well, male teachers don't seem to have the slickness to format the ideas correctly... Locally a few years back, and i knew the guy, dated his sister, he was a pervert then... Stephen Moro - music teacher His lesson, blindfold the student so they couldn't see the music or cords, they had to play from memory and intuition. Sounds good.... 14 year old girl takes of the blindfold and there he is standing over her with his dick hanging out of his cargo pants. His defense.... He hadn't done his laundry, had no clean underwear that day....
  9. Am I the only one that read the part... "forcible sodomy" ? She looks a little Asian, and thems can be tricky....... Cross dresser, tucker in, man boob job, chick with dick???? Come on we all remember what happened in "Hangover 2"
  10. Wow, I truly don't remember. I grew up with the gun rack next to my bed in my room, that i remember fondly. I don't recall the 12 gauge, but i remember my father's 58 caliber black powder rifle and the pain it produced within my body. Funny part is.... I now own that very same 58 cal. and use every year.
  11. An MRAP shows up at my house, and guys dressed like that pour out...... Sorry, I don't see Police Officers...... I see Armed Combatants and the thought processes, responses will be a lot different.
  12. The tube cap is threaded for a sling swivel. I didn't like it on mine all the way up front. I went with a simple, but solid mounting option; Their like $12. Search "Mossberg Persuader sling mounts"
  13. I have my favorite dealers, box stores might have what I want on hand, but prices kill me. One of my dealers loves to haggle, to the point I just ask "What's my price?". The other will ask me what the price tag says and tells me what my price is. I'm all for saving money, I've worked for it. But I understand the rules of business. Their in business to make money, I'm in business to save it. I don't mind paying to keep the doors open, but I'm not gonna pay the mortgage on the place with one purchase. Lord knows, I've paid a lot of electric bills, mortgages, Hell, complete remodels on shops
  14. Been there with all of you. With the Sheriff's office 4 miles south, next town Sheriff's office 7 miles north and the State Troopers barracks 3 miles west of me........ My friends beat the LEO's to my house by 15 minutes. One buddy lives 45 minutes away. The other was Nailbomb who lives 26 minutes away, and he stopped to pick up 2 other friends on the way. TO BOOT....... I even told them it was a domestic dispute and there was firearms involved.
  15. I like it, it came out nice. The gas shutoff is about useless for anything now. I'd roll the gas valve over and weld it in place through the pin hole. Thus getting rid of thumb button and smoothing out the gas block. Just my two cents thrown in.
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