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  1. The performance was a little lacking. I found it dry and overly exasperated. As a begining actor, fair is the best I can grade this piece of work. I do not forsee an Emmy in the future but I will cast my vote for an honorable mention. The Roses shall be her's;
  2. Hell that's normal for the Syracuse NY gunshow. They have busses to truck people to the door. If I get there an hour before the doors open, I'll still have probably 50 folks in front of me, but the parking will be closer. LOL There will be 300+ in line before the doors open and it takes hours for the line outside to die down. Doors open at 9 by noon it's asses to elbows, shoulder to shoulder.
  3. OK... quick look around the boards..... CDI import, ReArsenaled, Laminate stock, White bolt, and Bayonet. = $400 to $450
  4. AH! CDI Import, Swan VT. Clean and Restocked. Nice. You didn't do bad on the price getting them at all. CDI added markings to the right side of the receiver (made in russia, CCCP and thier own serial #) that subtracts from the value of a collectible Russian. But not as it is.... a refurbished Russian SKS. I own one... Mine was restocked with hardwood not a laminated stock.
  5. Sounds like the text mesages I get from my 16 year old son that lives with the Ex.
  6. Cat's are not evil!!!! There's no such thing as a bad cat. Cat's are aliens. Yeah, yeah don't believe me........ But in my defence...... Look up alien abduction stories..... If they owned pets, it was always dogs. Cat owners never get abducted, because they take care of one of thier own. IE......... Own cats... Duh
  7. Oh yeah., I'm a cat person. I have my reasons. LOL This little bitch has been sucking up to me all day. She knew damn well she was in the shit deep. But the Tree is back up, and that's as close as the cat has gotten to it. She rode that tree down hard. I don't think she looking to do it again. LOL
  8. Christmas Time is officially here. How do I know? The cat finally took the tree out. LOL So fellow lead slinger's....... Let's see your X-mas trees.
  9. The Russian SKS's Never had blackened bolts. It was only done in Re-Arsenaled weapons. They also stamped them on the stock and top cover with a Square and Slash. [/] Nothing wrong with a rebuild and for $350 it's all good. Funny..... I keep thinking about selling my SA-85. It's a safe queen and has never seen a round. I can't even bring myself to swap out that stupid butthole stock on it. LOL
  10. When you drill out the dimples in the carrier to remove the factory piston. thread the new one in and use those holes for a guide to drill a pin hole through new piston. You dont need to get all high speed looking for a hardened pin, roll pin or drill bit to use for a pin. A simple finish nail will suffice, cut to leave some leight to peen the ends over and grind or file them flush to the contour of the carrier. The factory pins used to do this same job, beforee they were press dimpled, were of soft metal and easy to drill out. I've alwayed just used the nail method.
  11. Hell, I gotta join the boat with everyone else here. Report the brake in, here's the footage. List everything missing.... including the $1200.00 cash you had saved for the families X-mas presents. Order of protection. They can say what they want about you, but it's gonna look like petty / get back shit after they get arested for B&E, burglary. Keep us informed.
  12. Excellent!!!! Minty tits up Russians for $350. Nice. Now if you had said you snatched a '49 for $350....... After I choked up, probable puked a little, I truely woulda called you a bastard of many decendants. Arsenal fresh or black bolt re-man's???? Pics please.
  13. Welcome to the wonderful world of figuring shit out. There is an extensive line of vulgar words associated with building AK's and converting Saiga's. The list does get shorter with more projects under your belt and as the learning curve grows. But, there will always be a select few that always remain.
  14. Well I read the whole damn thing..... Waited for that punch line pic at the end..... Boomboom, either resize the pics, or link pics from photobucket, imageshack......... Also learned that some posters just repeat stuff they heard/read somewhere but lack personal experience, knowledge, common sense, or some combination thereof. ^^^^^^ Made me giggle^^^^^^^^
  15. That will get you one of those happy owner smiles. Great feeling. Good on you.
  16. The followers and springs will fit. baseplate I'm unsure of, but I have to believe yes. Price??? Wanta double your money? LOL
  17. Nailbomb and myself took a few toys out back, stress relief, make noise. Other than one mag it doesn't like full time, it rocks. What a brass chucker this thing is, throwing them @ 20' and @ 6' behind. I picked up one of the spent casings and was suprised...... No dent. Jake and I both figured it dont ding all of them till I gathered up a handfull. No dents in any of them. Tipical scratchs from feeding from the mags, but no marks or dents. I was shooting Federal brass, Winchester brass, Wolf and Tula steel. The PK sitting high on the Beryl rail was easy to get use to and not totally
  18. The day went well. I did however pass 5 flags, only 2 were flying half-staff, Post Office and State Police barracks. I pawed through the paper and found Pearl noted in the World section. I asked people all day about Dec 7th..... It was close to 50% that knew what I was getting at.
  19. I hope this is not an omen of my day to come. Nothing, nothing anywhere of the remembrance of this day in history. Not on the Yahoo, MSN, Hell not even the local news paper front page. Tis a sad day when this country does not honor the fallen of Pearl Harbor. I hope to see the Flag of this great nation at half-staff on the way to work.
  20. LOL I made a string of them this past weekend. I get the battery opperated rice size light strings. Re crimp the empty casesand hot glue gun the light in. I use Winchester AA and Remington low brass so I can alternate red and green.
  21. NEW YEARS EVE!!!! Hell, mine will be up well into Jan. I do so remember going out and picking up everyones trees off the side of road and stockpiling a hundred or so for a bonefire party.
  22. Tis my winter project if things go well. I was gonna build one myself but go farther. I want to re barrel and bolt the SKS to 223. Build a SKS/FAL/Galil hybrid. Slowly the parts are building for that one.
  23. Cool, but the receiver cost is more than a new Mossberg Persuader. Novel idea, I'm sure they will sell.
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