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  1. I was just looking at one on a local CNY board this morning. It's a poor man's rifle, but with the amount of accessories for them I was thining of a plinker for the girlfriend for X-mas. It's used with 4 mags for $300
  2. Chemically scented tree..... Hell yes. I'm all for that. Between the scented candles, scented oil on the wood stove and Nailbomb's idea of the "little pine tree" air fresheners as ornaments, I got the smell of pine going on. Yeah, the air fresheners are cheesy, but it was a good idea, beer was involved, and I'm supporting a local business. The " little tree" plant is less than an hour north of me. LOL
  3. For many families, the holidays wouldn't be the same without a Christmas tree. But not everyone goes out and cuts down a real tree. Many people prefer artificial trees for various reasons. Every Christmas tree is unique. Some are big, some are small. Some have colored lights, others have white lights. But the biggest difference you’ll find, is that some are real and some will never die, it's all a matter of preference. I understand to some families, the tradition of picking out their perfect Christmas tree is something they look forward to every year. Cutting down their tree and hauli
  4. +1 to that. Great for the pictures, Ooh-ah factor is about it. Collectable, yes, own one if you wish. But for shooting purpose, that's alot of 30rd mags you can buy.
  5. OK Gents, post build sale time.I got a little bit of everything going this time. All parts are shipping included in the price on Con U.S. . Postal Money Orders are the payment method. First "I'll take it" followed by a PM gets it. Timely payment is a must. Posted only here. Up for sale; Single point bungie sling, Coyote Tan, maker unknown, new, never installed - $25 CAA 6003T 2 point sling, Tan, discolor on the pocket (the way it came to me), new in package, never installed - $25 TMC Sport Gear 2 point sling, OD Green cordura nylon, was the original idea, so it's been mo
  6. If you were using a product like Duracoat, Ceracoat or Gunkote. Then baking is a quicker cure time. Rust-oleum says on the can I have, use between 50 - 90 degrees F. At 70 F it's dry to handle in 15 - 30 mins, cured in 4 hours. Why would you want to bake it? No need, not intended to.
  7. Plain old 1 inch masking tape cut with a razor knife.
  8. Well, like you said it's not a SVD. Anthing is possible.
  9. I couldn't stand the AIRSOFT AK look. Added color to contrast.
  10. Well, I couldn't stand the look, it reminded me of an AIRSOFT AK. To mellow, not enough contrast. Sharp angles, straight lines, things need to blend. Instead of some wild eyed camo paint job, I fell back on the old stand by, Woodland. Not whole heartedly, but a touch of familiarity. It still retains a greenish tint, I even added green to the brown paint for a slight off color. More better; Swapped out the sling also... From high speed tacool to a plain jane Bulgarian OD Green AK sling.
  11. I did it again. I won a auction for 100 rounds of 7.62x45. I forgot I even bid on it. It was one of those... " I fuck'n won it?" moments. Do I need it... NO, I'm sitting pretty on a few K stock pile of that and 100 rounds in nothing really, but a low bid for the giggles of it didn't hurt. For ammo going for a dollar a round, I scored it for 36 cents after adding the shipping. I can't remember the last time I shot any of the 6 VZ52's I own, but I have more ammo for them.
  12. Hell no. I buy mags, parts and ammo for rifles I dont currently own. A deal is a deal, and the bartering system does work. But then again I also have this tattooed on my arm;
  13. I don't really care what th policy is for or against firearms at work. I'm the guy that will walk in on Monday morning to show off something cool. I'll walk into a Local Union meeting to show off something cool. After being around long enough, it's kinda expected of me now.
  14. If your gonna spend money chasing a pipe cutter..... buy a Dremel and use the cutoff wheels.
  15. I got a Sight Mark Reflex 14000 sitting in front of me. I picked it up for $75 For what I figured out online it's fine for small bore, normal recoil rifles. Not to many complains from 308 and below. On a shotty it doesn't like 3" magnums, the mounting system loosens up. Simple rule, you get what you pay for. I like the looks. I'm mounting on a Daewoo K2 which is 223, so I'm not expecting to many problems.
  16. Hmmm. Adds to my point; If a towel head can make them in a cave over an open fire with hand tools.... I can do it in my garage with tools.
  17. I already re-wrapped the paracord on the stock with black. The sand camo cord looked good till I studied the pics. LOL
  18. I finished my Mutt. There's alot of nice looking 223's in this section, but not to many that I would call truely decked out different. I don't know what started this project but I felt the need to build and wanted something a little twisted, a little freeky. Tastefull, yet different. Kyber pass looking, but not crude looking. The only thing I had in 223 was my Daewoo K2 so that caliber played on me. I found parts that were just cool looking and ideas started flowing. My mind changed several time throughout the process and always ended up with me placing another order for different
  19. I had a co-worker back out on a house he had built. It worked out for him. He had a contract for a $100,000 home. The frontyard was a pond that drained into the celler via a casment window. The backyard was a wasteland of building supplies and what the bulldozer pushed over. The living area wasn't even 800 sq. feet. The full one car garage wasn't even big enough to open both doors on his car at the same time. The house looked really nice, but was acessed at a value of only $78,000 He wasn't gonna pay, nor would I, $100,000 for a $78,000 home.
  20. Ironwood is about it for a slant cut receiver stock. If you want more options... You can weld steel metal to the back of the receiver and make it a straight cut, then anything is an easy project.
  21. AA-Ok has them, but your paying out the hooha for them.
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